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We'll talk about "Wrath of the Titans" and "Mirror Mirror" below, but first, watch my movie review of "Bully." It's an important film that everyone must see! Right now, the Weinstein Company documentary directed by Lee Hirsch is in limited release, but it will slowly trickle down to your city! Check out the Weinstein Company's site here for more info on "Bully," and here for my written movie review. Let's learn to love one another shall we?

"Wrath of the Titans"

We hosted a special advanced screening of "Wrath of the Titans" and based on the audience reaction, they seemed to like the sequel. Me personally? Well, it's a whole different story. So, let's break it down shall we?

The Good -- I enjoyed Liam Neeson as always. He's Zeus, suffering at the hands of the equally good but hammy Ralph Fiennes as Hades. I enjoyed some of the special effects, the 3D? Well, it's a bit gimmicky (look at those ashes...ooooh!). And I did like the last 20 minutes of the film, it seemed that director Jonathan Liebesman, the guy who gave us "Battle: Los Angeles" and the upcoming "Ninja Turtles" minus the Teenage Mutant, and his writers Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson ("Red Riding Hood") invested everything in the last 20 minutes of the film, and it shows! I also liked the little homage given to Bubo, the mechanical owl, and the insertion of some comic scenes that are totally needed in this otherwise lumbering tale.

The Bad -- As much as I love my BFF, Sam Worthington, he needs to stop playing the goodie, goodie two shoes. Here's the deal -- we fell in love with him playing a bad boy gone good in "Terminator Salvation." I thought he single-handedly saved that film. But from "Avatar" and to the two "Titans" movies all the way to "Man on a Ledge," he's been playing the goodie goodie roles without any shades of anything in them. Tsk Tsk. Find a deeper meaning to each role, add the bad ass slant we love, and then make us fall in love with you again. To the ladies though, they may enjoy the sight of Worthington in togas, HA!

The Ugly -- The first half of the film is just tedious to watch. It has no life, you don't care for Perseus or his annoying son, you don't know how he got his son or who his wife is, and in the end, you really don't care. But like I said, stay for the last 20 minutes, I nearly clapped.

So my verdict for "Wrath of the Titans?" It gets :25k

"Mirror Mirror"

Like any old Tarsem Singh movie, "Mirror Mirror" is beautiful to look at but it's ultimately empty. This campy retelling of the Snow White tale is like an old school corny fantasy film (much like those black and white fantasy comedy Filipino movies that I used to enjoy as a child). Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer ham it up and they nearly saved the film. Lily Collins, as much as it's about her character of Snow White, was really relegated to a minor role. She's the catalyst that brings out Roberts' motivation. This is a Julia Roberts' show gosh darn it! And goodness gracious, the comicky slapsticky and just pure icky character of Nathan Lane, the saddled assistant of the Queen, is not funny at all.

But "Mirror Mirror" is harmless for kids, so go ahead and take your child with you, just don't expect too much and know that you will get a beautiful movie (look at those fantastic costumes!) with really nothing to say -- much like "Immortals," another Tarsem flick, before it.

"Mirror Mirror" gets :25k

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