"Magic Mike" -- Here's the Trailer for the Steven Soderbergh Male Stripper Movie We've All Been Wondering About 

The world of male stripping is explored in this film directed by Steven Soderbergh written by Reid Carolin. Channing Tatum, in a role he's born to play, stars as Mike aka Magic Mike, a veteran stripper. He takes a liking to a young dancer appropriately named The Kid (Alex Pettyfer)and teaches him the fine art of male stripping Soderbergh-style. Matthew McConaughey (yes, in a role he's born to play part 2) co-stars as Dallas, a former stripper who now owns Xquisite, a club where Magic Mike and The Kid both work. Then, catfight ensues! The plot is like a gender-reversal "Showgirls" right? We'll see if "Magic Mike" is worthy of our dollar tips when the film opens on June 29th, a great way to start your 4th of July celebration ladies! :happy

Here's the brand new trailer of "Magic Mike" from Warner Bros.:

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