Johnny Depp to Star in Upcoming Wes Anderson Movie! And This One's NOT Family Friendly! 

And I say, it's about darn time! Forget Captain Jack and Barnabas Collins, heck even throw Tonto out the door, this is a Depp casting news I'm welcoming with open arms!

The actor is working with the fantastic storyteller, Wes Anderson, for the director's follow-up to the equally fantastic "Moonrise Kingdom" called "The Grand Budapest Hotel." (Check out my interview with Wes Anderson for "Moonrise Kingdom" right here)

Deadline reports that Anderson will be working with Scott Rudin and Steven Rales for "Budapest." So with Depp's confirmation, will the other big name stars follow? Stars such as Edward Norton, Jude Law, Willem Dafoe, and Angela Lansbury? This one is supposed to be NOT family friendly and will also feature Owen Wilson and Bill Murray.

I can't wait!

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