85th Academy Awards Minute-by-Minute 

Awwww.....Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron rocked it!

Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! What a handsome pair!

Okay, this Flying Nun bit is funny but honestly, can we go on with it?

Okay, the Best Supporting Actor Oscar! Will it be Tommy Lee Jones?

OMG...the wig didn't win! It's Christoph Watlz for "Django Unchained!"

Why were they playing "E.T.?"

PAPERMAN won Best Animated Short!

BRAVE won Best Animated Film!


Awww...Quvenzhane Wallis!!!!! I love her!!!!!

6:05 -- All hail THE AVENGERS!

That Claudio Miranda looks like a Cullen LOL

LIFE OF PI wins Best Visual Effects and Cinematography!

Hurry up JAWS is coming!!!!

What a lovely couple -- Jennifer Aniston and Channing Tatum!

Jacqueline Durran wins Best Costume Design for ANNA KARENINA

LES MISERABLES wins Best Make-Up because it's really hard to make beautiful Hollywood folks ugly

Whoa, Halle Berry -- she looks intergalactic!

Awwww...the music of JAMES BOND!!!! Love it!!!!

All hail Shirley Bassey!

Okay, Shirley Bassey was the best thing of the night so far!

CURFEW wins Best Live-Action Short Film!

INOCENTE wins Best Documentary Short film! Crap, I missed that one! I chose the fantastic MONDAYS AT RACINE

Awwww...the artists speech!

Ooooh, Liam Neeson must be telling himself -- why the heck did I drop out of LINCOLN?

A friend of mine asks, "Did Liam Neeson have a facelift?



Funny PROMETHEUS joke!!!!

Seth MacFarlane is better with one-liners than a full skit, me thinks!

Give it to AMOUR!

And yes, AMOUR wins!!!!

Awwww....Michael Haneke is sweet! His sweet must be proud!

Hide the male masseurs! John Travolta is here!!!!

Did Travolta just say LES MISERAB.....LES?

Okay, the showtunes part of the show, everyone quiet!!!!!

Love Catherine Zeta-Jones!!!!!

Bow down to Jennifer Hudson! Hey, where's Eddie Murphy? What about Beyonce?

I wonder if Jennifer Hudson still thinks that Simon Cowell is in the audience lol

Bow down to LES MISERABLES! Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sacha Baron Cohen representin'!

Okay, naysayers, the LES MISERABLES cast ROCKED IT! I felt like I was watching the Tonys!

Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana introducing the Special Oscar!

It took Seth MacFarlane almost two hours before mentioning TED!


A tie, a tie! ZERO DARK THIRTY and SKYFALL share the BEST SOUND MIXING award!

Okay Anne Hathaway better win!!!!! Or I'll throw my crystal ball!

Yes, Anne Hathaway wins! Whew! It came true indeed! I loved that I told her she'd win three months ago!

Awwww....what a great speech Anne Hathaway! Fantine would be so proud!

Adele is about to perform SKYFALL, time for my Martini break!

Sandra Bullock presenting Film Editing!

Will ARGO win?

Yay! ARGO wins Best Film Editing...for a while there I thought ZERO DARK THIRTY would take the trophy but whew....

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty tonight don't you think?

The unstoppable Adele indeed!

Love Adele but Shirley Bassey stole her thunder tonight!

Nicole Kidman introducing Best Picture nominees SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, DJANGO UNCHAINED, and AMOUR!

Ooooh, HARRY POTTER and Bella Swan unite!

Hey, who is Kristen Stewart's hair stylist?

Rick Carter, Jim Erickson, Peter T. Frank from LINCOLN wins Best Production Design!

In Memoriam coming up, get your tissues ready!

The In Memoriam always gets me!!!! Boo hooo hoooo hoooo hooooooo :sad

Awwwww....an homage to Marvin Hamlisch by no other than Barbra Streisand!

The last time Streisand sang at the Academy Awards was in 1977 performing her Oscar-winning song, "Evergreen," from "A Star is Born."

Okay the Rex Reed line was funny

Yay, Mychael Danna for LIFE OF PI wins!

And now, the Original Song!

Norah Jones all made-up to sing the TED Oscar-nominated song!

Adele put on more lipstick! Luscious lips!

6 more awards left!

And yes ARGO wins Best Adapted Screenplay! Up next, Best Picture!

Wow! Quentin Tarantino wins Best Original Screenplay for DJANGO UNCHAINED! WELL-DESERVED!

"This will be the writer's year, man," well said Quentin Tarantino

Only 4 more awards!

Jane Fonda still looks stunning!

Oooooh, Best Director

Wow! What a big surprise! Ang Lee beats Spielberg for Best Director!

Awwww...Ang Lee's wife looks soooo happy :)

The top 3 categories coming up!!!!

Ooooooh, the Best Actress Oscar now

I love Quvenzhane Wallis!

Wow, Jennifer Lawrence wins!!!!!

Let's bow down to the great Meryl Streep!

In any given year, Denzel Washington deserves to win...but, sorry, it's Daniel Day-Lewis' year!

And here comes the big one...BEST PICTURE! And all hail Jack Nicholson!

Ooooh, the First Lady Michele Obama is introducing the Best Picture nominees live from the White House!

Drum roll....and the Oscar goes to.....ARGO!

Ben Affleck looks nervous, overwhelmed, but totally happy! Good for him!

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