Sal Mineo's Life as Seen Through James Franco's Eyes! 

Leave it to James Franco! The prolific actor/director has created a new feature film about the last day in the life of "Rebel Without A Cause" star Sal Mineo from a script by Stacey Miller.

The film is called "Sal" and is set to premiere on-demand on Oct. 22nd with a debut at the Sundance Sunset Cinema in Los Angeles on Nov. 1st. Val Lauren (who also appeared in Franco's "Interior. Leather Bar.") stars in the title role.

Franco stars as Milton Katselas in the movie. Katselas was an American director and producer, as well as a Hollywood acting instructor and coach.

Just in 2013 alone, Franco has made "As I Lay Dying," "Interior. Leather Bar," "Child of God," and "Venice 70: Future Reloaded." On top of that, the actor has also appeared in "Spring Breakers" (fantastic performance, I might add), "Oz The Great and Powerful," "This is the End," and "Palo Alto."

What a busy guy! Here's the trailer for "Sal," which incidentally, looks intriguing even with its own indie sensibilities.

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