"Gravity" Key Scene Explained! This is Really Cool! 


Okay, if you haven't seen "Gravity" yet and don't want us to spoil your fun, then leave...now! I don't want to spoil the fantastic movie for you too!

Now...if you've seen "Gravity," you may remember that one key scene where distressed astronaut Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) with someone but they're just not understanding each other? Well, we now know that she was trying to communicate with an Inuit fisherman living in Greenland. How do we know that? Jonas Cuaron, the son of director Alfonso Cuaron (he also co-wrote the script with his dad) created a short film, a companion film if you may, called "Aningaaq" that explains the other half of the scene (video below).

THR reported that "Aningaaq" is eligible for Oscar consideration in the Best Live-Action Short category. Wouldn't that be cool if "Gravity" gets a Best Picture nod and then the short film gets nominated too?

Watch "Aningaaq" courtesy of THR, and yes, I love "Gravity!"

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