I Love This Interview with Miles Teller for INSURGENT! He Talks About WHIPLASH, and What He Really Thinks of DIVERGENT SERIES! 

I’ve interviewed Miles Teller about 3 times now namely “Footloose,” “Divergent,” and now, “Insurgent.” So to my surprise, he actually remembered my name! Yes! It made me feel happy and elated! And yes, we even talked about his interview with W Magazine from last September where he pretty much lambasted the “Divergent” franchise. So, I asked him about that! What was he thinking? You can see that near the end of my interview. Plus, he revealed how much student loan he still needs to pay! No wonder he makes blockbuster movies as much as he adores independent cinema! We all rooted for him in “Whiplash,” and truth be told, I’m still rooting for him now!

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