"In Bruges" and "Milk" Reactions About the Oscars 

My friends at Focus Features sent me reactions from folks behind their two Academy Awards nominated films, "In Bruges" and "Milk."

Click Read More to see what Gus Van Sant ("Milk" director), Josh Brolin (Academy Award nominee for "Milk"), and many other creative people have to say about their nominations. Read More...

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"Wall-E" Director Andrew Stanton Talks About the Oscars 

"Wall-E" scored 6 Oscar nominations including Best Animated Feature, Best Original Screenplay, Best Achievement in sound editing, Best Achievement in sound mixing, Best Achievement in music, and Best Original Song.

So what does "Wall-E" director have to say about all the love?

"We are ecstatic and grateful for the Academy's generous and humbling recognition of ‘WALL•E.’ It is an honor and privilege to make films at Pixar, where we have grown into a great, big family. This is a tribute to all of us at Pixar and Disney who do our best to make films, not just animated films, but films for everyone that just happen to be animated."

--Andrew Stanton, Director of "WALL•E"

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The Mystery of the Oscar Voting System 

So many snubs, so little time. And yeah, the greatest crime of all was "The Dark Knight" got ignored! Ignored! And Bruce Springsteen's harrowing song for "The Wrestler" snubbed? Que Horror!

Dev Patel for "Slumdog Millionaire," Clint Eastwood's performance for "Gran Torino," "Let the Right One In" for Foreign Language Film, and so on and so forth.

So I did some sleuthing, and found this article from Variety! The headline? Oscar Voting System Deciphered!

Yeah, how do Academy members really vote? And how do PricewaterhouseCoopers really tally the votes?

Well, click here, it's a good read, you'll feel better!

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Brendan Fraser Interview for "Inkheart" with co-star Eliza Bennett 
The role of Mo in "Inkheart" is written specifically by author Cornelia Funke with Brendan Fraser in mind.

So how was it to finally play the part?

Fraser and co-star Eliza Hope Bennett sat down and revealed experiences working in the film, the magic of reading, and their favorite literary characters to bring back to life!

This is fun :)

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Paul Bettany Interview for "Inkheart" 
Paul Bettany as Dustfinger is one of the best elements of "Inkheart."

In our interview, Bettany talked about his character, working in the film, the magic of reading, and his favorite literary character that he would want to bring back to life.

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