Jim Carrey Goes Gay, Storms Sundance 

Back in April, we were mulling the possible sight of Jim Carrey in the prison love story, "I Love You Phillip Morris."

It's a gay love story starring Carrey and Ewan McGregor. "Brokeback Mountain" in prison, if you will, with a lot more laughs.

The directors and scriptwriters are Glenn Ficarra and John Requa,
the guys who wrote "Bad Santa," one of my favorite Holiday-themed films. So it's a good sign. It's based on a book by Steve McVicker.

And from what I heard, there's a lot of full-on kissing between the male leads, like this picture.

The plot? According to Sundance website:
With alacrity and style, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the codirectors of I Love You Phillip Morris, have fashioned an improbable, but true, tale of a spectacularly charismatic and resourceful con-man’s journey from small-town cop to flamboyant white-collar criminal. Concocted by the absurdist sensibilities and warped minds that were behind the creation of Bad Santa and centered around an eccentrically wonderful performance by Jim Carrey, the film relates a story that is truly stranger than fiction and showcases a love story that will not be denied. When a local Texas policeman, Steve Russell (Carrey), turns to cons and fraud to allow him to change his lifestyle (in more ways than one), his subsequent stay in the state penitentiary results in his meeting the love of his life, a sensitive fellow inmate named Phillip Morris, perfectly portrayed by Ewan McGregor. What ensues can only be described as a relentless quest as Russell attempts escape after escape and executes con after con, all in the name of love. This is the world of the preposterous: it plays like a farce but is vastly entertaining because it turns all that we take for granted about life on its head. As a primer on the irresistible power of a man who is either insane or in love (is there a difference?), I Love You Phillip Morris surely serves to remind us of the resilience of the human spirit.

Exciting and intriguing!

Read the interview with Ficarra and Requa right here.

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Cher's Next Film Will Be... 

No, it's not going to be the third "Batman" flick but a comedy co-starring Johnny Knoxville.

This time, the diva is going to embrace her inner Cougar!

The film is titled "The Drop-Out" and tells the story of a 35-year old college student (played by "Jackass'" Knoxville who's been kicked out of his parents house. Now, he must get into the good graces of the 62-year old woman (I'm thinking Cher?) living next door.

Cher has always been good in comedy, and yes, she even won a Best Actress Oscar for "Moonstruck."

She hasn't made a movie since 2003's "Stuck On You," so this is a welcome treat for her fans.

My only concern? It's written and will be directed by Ricky Blitt who gave us the underwhelming comedy, "The Ringer."

So hopefully, this is a better-written script, and yes, better-directed!

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Confirmed: "Veronica Mars: The Movie" 

Back in August, we were wishful thinking!

We were hoping that there would be a movie version of "Veronica Mars."

Well, now, it's confirmed!

Creator Rob Thomas has made it public about the film version of his baby!

Sleuth out the story right here, right now.

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"A Fish Called Wanda: The Musical" to Debut in San Diego? 

As we reported in June of last year, John Cleese was busy spearheading the musical version of "A Fish Called Wanda."

Now, according to Collider:

*** Cleese confirmed his participation on the musical project
*** It may be finished in the next two or three years
*** The musical will debut in San Diego moving to Broadway and London's West End
*** Producers of the "Pink Panther" franchise have approached Cleese about a possible spin-off for his character, Chief Inspector Dreyfuss.

And no, no word yet on whether Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, or Kevin Kline will reprise their roles, this time with a couple of song and dance numbers! :wink

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Palm Springs International Film Festival Announces Winners! 

The 20th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival was a huge success! The Opening Night Gala was well-attended, and there were many A-list celebrities including Clint Eastwood, Anne Hathaway, etc.

But it's all about the quality of films! And last night, the festival honored films around the world.

The Festival, held from January 6-19, 2009, screened 208 films from 73 countries, including 50 of the 67 foreign entries for this year’s Academy Awards®. Palm Springs’ increasingly popular Festival continues to expand its diverse programming of quality independent and foreign films, setting the stage for the year’s film festival circuit. Read More...

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