Stuart Townsend Says Goodbye to "Thor!" 

Stuart Townsend has left production of "Thor" using the good, old "creative differences" excuse.

The actor was set to star as one of the Warrior Three named Fandral. The Warrior Three is a trio of Asgardian warriors who fight alongside Thor, our favorite Norse god. Now, Townsend has been replaced by actor Joshua Dallas.

Kenneth Branagh is directing "Thor" and the shooting starts today.

This is the second time that Townsend has left a famous franchise at the last minute. Once upon a time, he was the man who would be King Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but was replaced by Viggo Mortensen.

"Thor" is set to open May 6, 2011.

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"Avatar" Continues to Dominate Box-Office! 

For the fourth straight weekend, James Cameron's "Avatar" remained on top, earning $48.5 million. Overseas, the sci-fi flick earned $143 million, bringing its total to $906 million. Worldwide, "Avatar" has pulled in $1.34 billion, a shy away from beating Cameron's own record, "Titanic" at $1.8 billion.

"Avatar" beat "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" to become the No. 1 release of 2009. "Avatar's" $429 million take lorded over "Transformers'" $402.1 million domestic total. The 20th Century Fox flick is only $100 million shy from beating "The Dark Knight's" $533.3 million domestic record.

Meanwhile, "Sherlock Holmes" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" remained at No. 2 and No. 3 respectively. The Robert Downey Jr.-Jude Law starrer took the second place with $16.6 million, while the "Chipmunks" sequel sold $16.3 million worth of tickets to hold steady at No. 3.

The vampire thriller "Daybreakers" was the strongest among the latest batch of films to open last weekend. The Lionsgate scare-a-thon starring Ethan Hawke made $15 million to debut at No. 4.

Moviegoers didn't take a leap of faith with Universal's new film "Leap Year." The romantic comedy starring Amy Adams only made $9.2 million to place at No. 6. "Youth in Revolt" didn't fare well either, debuting at No. 9 with $7 million.

Here's the estimated Top 10 films at the box-office for weekend of Jan. 8th:

1. "Avatar," $48.5 million.

2. "Sherlock Holmes," $16.6 million.

3. "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel," $16.3 million.

4. "Daybreakers," $15 million.

5. "It's Complicated," $11 million.

6. "Leap Year," $9.2 million.

7. "The Blind Side," $7.8 million.

8. "Up in the Air," $7.1 million.

9. "Youth in Revolt," $7 million.

10. "The Princess and the Frog," $4.7 million.

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Blake Lively to Co-Star Opposite Ryan Reynolds in "Green Lantern" 

"Gossip Girl's" Blake Lively reportedly beat Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner to star as the female lead in Warner Bros.' upcoming superhero movie "Green Lantern" opposite Ryan Reynolds.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that "Lively will play Carol Ferris, who runs her father's aerospace company and hires cocky test pilot Hal Jordan (Reynolds), who later becomes the intergalactic policeman Green Lantern. In the comics, the romance became complicated when an alien race bestowed her the power of a crystal called the Star Sapphire."

So if "Green Lantern" is a hit, Lively has the potential to have her own superhero franchise as Star Sapphire!

While I'm not too familiar with Lively's work (except for her part in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"), this casting report may or may not work. Gwyneth Paltrow shone in "Iron Man" as Virginia "Pepper" Potts opposite Robert Downey Jr., but then, that's Paltrow.

Apparently, Lively impressed the studio with her audition, and they were equally impressed with her work in "The Town" directed by Ben Affleck. So I will reserve my comments until I see the Martin Campbell-directed film when it opens June 17, 2011.

The script was written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green, with Michael Goldenberg currently rewriting. The next part of the casting process will be the roles of Dr. Hector Hammond, one of the main villains, and the alien known as Sinestro.

Production is set to shoot in Louisiana in March.


"Casino Royale's" Martin Campbell in Talks to Direct "Green Lantern"
Ryan Reynolds Beats Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake to become "Green Lantern!"

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"Mannequin" Remake! Yeah, Really? 

Once upon a time, before I developed critical appreciation for the cinema, I was enthralled by movies that feature mermaids ("Splash") and talking mannequins ("Mannequin").

While there's no report about a "Splash" remake, there's a big buzz going on that "Mannequin" will get a remake makeover!

Should I stand up and cheer now?

Why did I love "Mannequin" as a child? Could it be the delicious '80s soundtrack featuring the likes of Belinda Carlisle and Starship? The latter's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song! Yeah!

Could it be that star Kim Cattrall was lovely and charming as a walking and talking mannequin cursed by the gods? Could it be that Andrew McCarthy was part of the Brat Pack that I adored as a child?

Whatever the answer may be, the original "Mannequin" was like a museum piece for me, frozen in time, in the 80s where it belonged! So, I'm not really too jubilant about the remake report.

According to our friends at, "the newly relaunched Gladden Entertainment are said to be in early development on the redo of the ‘window dresser goes gaga for loose doll' comedy."

Well, more than 20 years later, Cattrall is now Samantha in "Sex and The City," McCarthy, Carlisle, and Starship are nowhere to be found, and all I have is a fond memory of "Mannequin" when I first saw the film.

Because watching the movie now is not the same! How could I have loved the bland jokes? Or the cheesy setup?

But it was the 80s, and that's where the film should stay!

The big question? Who should play the super-flamboyant Hollywood as portrayed by Mesach Taylor in the original? Hhhmmmm, I should audition :wink

For now, let's relive the glory days of "Mannequin" and start humming "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by watching the original trailer below:

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Taylor Lautner to Star in "Northern Lights" to the Tune of $7.5 Million! 

First there were rumors that Tom Cruise was going to star in "Northern Lights." Well, according to, Cruise is out and Taylor Lautner (as if I have to include that he's Jacob in "The Twilight Saga") is in, and he's receiving a $7.5 million paycheck!

First, the official plot: “Set against the backdrop of extreme flying, Northern Lights follows four young pilots as they compete against the world’s best. A story of teamwork, sacrifice, loss, and victory, these young aviators push themselves to physical and emotional limits in the unforgiving world of performance aerobatics.”

Hhhhhmmmm, sorta like "Top Gun." Cruise was supposed to star as a "billionaire father" but now, the production company Skydance has confirmed that the actor is not attached.

The film will be directed by "Max Payne's" John Moore and will start production in Louisiana in April.

Skydance had no comment on Lautner's fat paycheck. What do you think? Is he deserving of the money?

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