What Meryl Streep is Saying About Her Oscar Nomination for "The Iron Lady" 

Just like you, I love Meryl Streep and truly believe that she's America's greatest living actress! Her performance in "The Iron Lady" as Margaret Thatcher elevated the movie from just a mere biopic to a character study. Here's what the multi-Oscar winner is saying about her current nomination:

Meryl Streep (Nominee Actress in a Leading Role)
I am honored to be in company with such beautiful artists, and touched deeply by my fellow actors for their generosity in giving me this acknowledgment.

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Here's What Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh Are Saying About Their Oscar Nominations for "My Week With Marilyn" 

Michelle Williams is my favorite to win the Best Actress Oscar for "My Week with Marilyn." It's hard to give life to an icon but Williams not only breathed life to Marilyn Monroe, she embodied the legend and gave her a heart and soul! When I interviewed Harvey Weinstein for the movie, I fearlessly predicted that Williams will not only be nominated, but will win. We'll see!

And Williams' co-star in the film, Kenneth Branagh, was also awarded a nomination for his role as Sir Laurence Olivier. I'm glad! In 2011, he showcased his directing talent by giving us the excellent "Thor" (check out my interview with Branagh for "Thor" right here) and proved that he can still act with his performance in "My Week with Marilyn."

Here's what both Williams and Branagh are saying about their Oscar nominations:

Michelle Williams (Nominee Actress in a Leading Role)
I am so grateful to be acknowledged by the Academy for my work, which was made possible by the support of our director Simon Curtis and the camaraderie of a terrific ensemble of actors – a special congratulations to Kenneth Branagh – and the fearless Harvey Weinstein. This role has been the challenge and privilege of a lifetime. I would like to think that the recognition our film as received by the Academy is a testament to Marilyn’s legacy.

Kenneth Branagh (Nominee Actor in a Supporting Role)
It was a rare honor to play Sir Laurence Olivier. To be recognized by the Academy for doing so is overwhelming. I'm absolutely thrilled.

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From Michel Hazanavicius to Jean Dujardin, Check Out What "The Artist" Folks Are Saying About Their Oscar Nominations! 

Thanks to our friends at Weinstein company, here is what "The Artist" folks are saying about their boatload of Oscar nominations (psst, and you know, the film will dominate the Oscars!):

Bérénice Bejo (Nominee Actress in a Supporting Role)
I’m overjoyed and filled with happiness. I can’t believe that a year ago I was learning how to tap dance and today I am nominated for an Academy Award. It was a thrill to work on a project as ambitious as “The Artist” and I am happy to share this moment with our visionary director, Michel Hazanavicius.

Jean Dujardin (Nominee Actor in a Leading Role)
I am so grateful to the Academy for this recognition. I can’t help but stop and think about how incredible this journey has been. From filming on a Hollywood soundstage to the moment I received this wonderful news this morning, I’m so humbled to be amongst such distinguished and talented people. It is Michel’s beautiful film that has led me here today. I also share this with the brilliant cast and crew.

Michel Hazanavicius (Nominee Directing and Original Screenplay)
I am so honored for this nomination. Filming “The Artist” in Los Angeles was a dream come true, and to receive this recognition today is far beyond what I ever imagined. I couldn’t have done this film without the incredible cast of actors and outstanding crew whose heart and souls were poured into this project.

Thomas Langmann (Nominee Best Picture)
I am very humbled by this morning’s nominations. This must be how my father felt back in 1965 when he received his first Oscar nomination. “The Artist” was a labor of love from writer/director Michel Hazanavicius to pay homage to Hollywood, and to see all the love that the Academy has given it this morning is overwhelming.

Laurence Bennett (Nominee Art Direction - Production Design)
It is truly an honor to have the art direction of THE ARTIST recognized by the Academy.
In taking on the unique design opportunity that Michel's vision offered, we felt a tremendous responsibility to all the artists of early Hollywood. To spend months immersed in their world and their work was a gift to the entire design team--and our work was inspired, informed, and elevated immeasurably by what they taught us.

Robert Gould (Nominee Art Direction - Set Decoration)
I am honored to be nominated for a academy award for such a beautiful film that is love letter to Hollywood. Since I was born in Hollywood and second generation in the film business I went to work each day filled with enthusiasm. I am proud to contribute to something that shows gratitude to the business that has given my family and myself so much gratification.

Ludovic Bource (Nominee Music, Original Score)
I am humbled and over-joyed to learn of my Oscar nomination. Last week I came to Hollywood for the first time in my life, which in of itself, was a dream come true. I started playing the accordion when I was 8 years old, I wish I could go back in time at tell myself about today, the dream continues!



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"Today is a Great Day," Harvey Weinstein Talks About his Studio's 14 Nominations! 

Harvey Weinstein is ecstatic! His studio received 14 nominations total for "The Artist," "My Week with Marilyn," "The Iron Lady," "W.E.," and "Undefeated." Here's what the uber-producer is saying about all his Oscar love:

Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman, The Weinstein Company
The art of performing in a silent movie is a lost process, and I have to thank the director and brilliant ensemble of actors in The Artist. We wouldn't be here today without their talent. The Artist is a love letter to classic American cinema, and today the Academy gave us a love letter back.

Special congratulations also goes to Meryl Streep from The Iron Lady, Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh from My Week With Marilyn, and to all of our other film nominees including best documentary Undefeated. Today is a great day for celebrating creative courage, visionary talent, and the power of independent cinema to inspire, to entertain, and to move people in all kinds of new and exciting ways.



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Over the Moon! Oscar Nominations Comments from "W.E." and "Undefeated"  

Madonna's "W.E." received a Best Costume Design nomination for Arianne Phillips and here's what the designer says about her nod:

Arianne Phillips (Nominee Costume Design)
I am gobstopped, just speechless completely over the moon with excitement. So thrilled for the recognition not only for myself but for my brave and fearless director, Madonna and my amazing crew.

And here's Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin talking about their Best Documentary (Feature) nomination for their fantastic film, "Undefeated":

Dan Lindsay / TJ Martin (Nominees Documentary, Feature)
It's an honor to be recognized amongst these amazing filmmakers. We are thrilled for everyone who was involved in making this film especially the North Memphis community who opened their homes to us and trusted us in telling their story. Now we actually have to acknowledge that this is really happening.

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