"The Grey" Movie Review! It's Not All About Wolves! 

Liam Neeson is back to save the world in “The Grey.” The unlikely action star reteams with his “A-Team” director, Joe Carnahan, for a high-concept movie that is quite deeper than your average run-of-the-mill popcorn flick.

Inspired by the short story “Ghost Walker” by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, “The Grey” tells the tale of John Ottway (Neeson), a sharpshooter who has been hired by an Alaskan oil refinery to keep indigenous wild beasts from attacking oil workers during their shifts.

The film begins at the refinery where crude oil is broken into various elements for commercial use. Workers endure grueling five-week shifts then have about two weeks off for vacation. From the moment we hear Neeson’s narration in the beginning, we are sucked into the narrative of “The Grey.” Read More...

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Martin Scorsese, "Hugo" Crew Talk About Their Oscar Nominations! 

I love "Hugo!" It was No. 2 on my Top 10 Best Movies of 2011 (check it out here). And the film led the 2012 Oscar nominations with 11 nods including Best Picture! Here's Martin Scorsese, Howard Shore (composer), and Graham King (Producer) talking about their nominations:

Statement from Martin Scorsese (Director/Producer):

“I am deeply honored to have been nominated by the Academy for my work on Hugo. Every picture is a challenge, and this one ­ where I was working with 3D, HD and Sacha Baron Cohen for the first time ­was no exception. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you¹ve been recognized by the people in your industry. I congratulate my fellow nominees. It¹s an impressive list, and I¹m in excellent company.”

Statement from Howard Shore (Composer)

"It's always a thrill to work with Marty and Thelma and collaborating with them was a labor of love. It was inspiring to compose within the world of Hugo. It's a great honor to be nominated by the Academy."

Statements from Graham King (Producer):

“I am so incredibly proud of HUGO and I will be forever grateful to the Academy for acknowledging a film that defies all genres. Every single cast and crew member was not only committed, but challenged themselves and took their craft to a whole new level. I am thrilled that Marty has been commended for directing a film that was such new ground for him, yet based on a subject so dear to his heart.²”

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"It's a High Honor," Steven Spielberg Releases Statement About "War Horse" Oscar Nominations! 

Sure, Spielberg was ignored in the Best Director category (check full Oscar nominations right here), but as a producer, he was awarded two nominations -- one for "War Horse" and the other for "The Help." Our friends at DreamWorks sent these statements:

From Steven Spielberg for “War Horse”:

“I am thrilled with our multiple nominations for "The Help" and "War Horse." It is the first time that I have experienced two Best Picture nominations in the same year. One is a high honor. Two is humbling but very exciting. It is a tribute to all those who joined with Stacey Snider and our DreamWorks Studios team to develop and make these two films with stories that we passionately felt we had to make.” - Steven Spielberg

From Producer Kathleen Kennedy for “War Horse”:

"We are thrilled for the nominations War Horse has received and most of all thankful to have been working under the leadership of Steven Spielberg whose moral clarity, vision and sensitive handling of the Great War might serve in some small way to raise awareness of war's pointlessness." - Kathleen Kennedy

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Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer Talk About Their Oscar Nominations for "The Help!" 

I love these two actresses, and I firmly believe that their performances helped elevate "The Help" from being a run-of-the-mill civil rights drama. Here's what they said about their Oscar nominations (click here for the full list) courtesy of our friends at DreamWorks:

Octavia Spencer regarding her nomination this morning for “The Help”.

“I am so honored that not only was my work recognized by the academy, but that the tireless efforts of our amazing cast and crew culminated in nominations for Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain and the film itself. It is a testament to our true ensemble of talent, both in front of and behind the scenes.”

From Viola Davis “The Help”:

"It's an honor to be nominated a second time, it is a personal accomplishment and triumph for women and women of color. I'm so glad the film has been recognized, it was a labor of love from the moment it was conceived and it is rewarding to see the impact it is having."

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What Meryl Streep is Saying About Her Oscar Nomination for "The Iron Lady" 

Just like you, I love Meryl Streep and truly believe that she's America's greatest living actress! Her performance in "The Iron Lady" as Margaret Thatcher elevated the movie from just a mere biopic to a character study. Here's what the multi-Oscar winner is saying about her current nomination:

Meryl Streep (Nominee Actress in a Leading Role)
I am honored to be in company with such beautiful artists, and touched deeply by my fellow actors for their generosity in giving me this acknowledgment.

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