My Fun Interview with Sam Worthington for MAN ON A LEDGE! He Still Loves Me HA! 

Mister Sam Worthington and I are practically BFFs now (I wish :happy). This is my third time talking to the actor, and once upon a time, when I interviewed him for TERMINATOR SALVATION, the then little-known actor was very happy to see me. He said he was a fan of my videos.

Then for the movie THE DEBT, Worthington said he still loves me now that he’s super-famous thanks to AVATAR and CLASH OF THE TITANS.

Now, with MAN ON A LEDGE, the actor still said he likes me, and he’s a big fan because I make him laugh, and we had a great time with this interview where we talked about:

*** Why did he want to be the MAN ON A LEDGE?
*** How did he conquer his fear of heights?
*** The immediate nature of the film
*** Making an unabashedly popcorn film
*** A different kind of action movie for Worthington
*** The term MAN ON A LEDGE
*** Working with Elizabeth Banks
*** WRATH OF THE TITANS tease! What do we have to look forward to?
*** What’s his biggest fear? HE HAS A LOT!


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Elizabeth Banks Talks About MAN ON A LEDGE and Her Biggest Fear! 

The super-sweet and super-hot Elizabeth Banks ("Role Models," "30 Rock," "Zack and Miri Make a Porno") is like a breath of fresh air! She’s smart, nice, and beautiful. In the film, Banks plays Lydia Mercer, an NYPD negotiator who’s trying to get Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) get off the ledge. Did she succeed?

In this interview, besides that her phone kept on interrupting us (HA!), we talked about:

*** What attracted her to being the woman on a ledge?
*** How did she research the role?
*** What did she find out about female negotiators?
*** The redemptive qualities of her character
*** Her chemistry with Edward Burns – how his character evolved
*** Being a sandwich between Ed Burns and Sam Worthington
*** Being an accomplished producer – and working on the upcoming film called PITCH PERFECT
*** Her biggest fear
*** Then she apologized about her phone LOL


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Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez Talk About MAN ON A LEDGE! I Love Them! 

I enjoyed talking to Jamie Bell and Genesis Rodriguez! They were fun, sweet, and very nice! Jamie (“The Adventures of Tintin,” “The Eagle”) stars as Joey, the brother of Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington). The super-hot Genesis (“Casa de mi Padre”) is Angie, Joey’s girlfriend. They are one of my favorites in MAN ON A LEDGE.

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Injecting comedy to an action-packed film
*** What attracted them to their characters?
*** Genesis – working with Jamie Bell
*** Jamie Bell – having a terrific career – what’s next for him?
*** Their “moment” – watch them make goo goo eyes
*** Their biggest fears?


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Edward Burns Interview for MAN ON A LEDGE! See How His Character Evolved 

Edward Burns, in so many ways, became the heart of the film, MAN ON A LEDGE. He’s perfect as an NYPD cop assisting his fellow negotiator, Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) to get Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) off the ledge. In this interview, we talked about:

*** What made him want to join MAN ON A LEDGE
*** What attracted him to the character of Jack Dougherty? The character’s arc was written specifically for him
*** Striking a chemistry with Elizabeth Banks
*** As a director, how does he rate first-time feature film director Asger Leth?
*** Shooting and the production behind MAN ON A LEDGE
*** The immediacy of the film
*** What’s his biggest fear?


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Anthony Mackie Interview for MAN ON A LEDGE and Makes Fun of the Kardashians! 

Anthony Mackie is always a fun interview. Whether he’s promoting a sci-fi actioner like REAL STEEL or the new action drama MAN ON A LEDGE, Mackie has been honest and gregarious with his answers.

In MAN ON A LEDGE, the actor stars as Mike Ackerman, the former partner of the ex-cop now wanted fugitive Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington). In this interview, we talked about:

*** What attracted him to MAN ON A LEDGE
*** Working with first time feature director, Asger Leth who’s coming from the documentary world
*** His character, Mike Ackerman
*** His terrific career – what does he attribute that to?
*** The fascination of people looking at jumpers, why are they fascinated?
*** Our voyeuristic generation and the Kardashians!
*** What’s his biggest fear?


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