Judy Garland -- the Movie 

The Weinstein Co. is set to turn the life of tragic icon Judy Garland into a major Hollywood motion picture!

The studio has acquired the rights to the biography of the singer/actress called Get Happy: the Life of Judy Garland written by Gerald Clarke.

This is exciting because Clarke's biography of Truman Capote became the basis of the excellent 2005 flick "Capote" which won its lead, Philip Seymour Hoffman the best actor Oscar.

So Garland's biography will be full of pathos similar to Capote's.

But who should play Garland? Come on, start pitching!

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"Coraline" Movie Review! Stop-Motion Puppet Kisses! 

“Coraline,” the new 3-D animated flick is being marketed to adults. Even the moral compass of the story is aimed toward the parents in the audience. According to the film, parents must spend more quality time with their kids or they will choose an alternate set of moms and dads even if it brings them danger.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book, “Coraline” is a thrilling stop-motion animated adventure from visionary director Henry Selick. The film uses 3-D technology sparingly and with very minimal gimmickry. Read More...

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Mickey Rourke is NOT "Iron Man 2's" Crimson Dynamo Reveals Robert Downey Jr. 

We've been hearing this rumor loud and clear! Mickey Rourke may co-star in "Iron Man 2" as Crimson Dynamo.

But Robert Downey Jr. is saying, um, no!

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Downey Jr. says:

“That’s actually incorrect,” Downey told MTV News when asked if Rourke was being considered for the aforementioned Iron Man rogue. When pressed if, instead of Crimson Dynamo, Rourke was up for the role of Whiplash, another potential role bandied about on blogs these days, Downey had a more cryptic response.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that,” said Downey. “Or maybe it’s some semblance of both. Here, I can tell you everything about the story except I won’t give away the ending. The nerd stuff is top-drawer security.”

Darn it, I want more nerd stuff!

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Al Pacino to Star in "King Lear" 

Al Pacino had a bad 2008! Both of his released films, "88 Minutes" and "Righteous Kill," to put it bluntly, sucked!

He's even nominated for the Worst Actor Razzie Award for BOTH films!

So, perhaps to prove he's still a great actor, Pacino will play the title role in "King Lear" to be directed by Michael Radford who's also writing the script.

This is the second time the actor is working with Radford in a film based on a Shakespeare play. The first time they worked together was in 2004 for "Merchant of Venice."

If you remember, Pacino played Shylock in the film.

"King Lear" will be a great role for Pacino. It's full of pathos and despair, which I know the actor can bring!

According to the film's producer Barry Navidi:

"Al has been offered this role many times over the years, but didn't feel ready. He's ready now. The film will be true to its period, very similar to the classical look of 'Merchant of Venice.' Michael came up with the most brilliant adaptation and Al and I flipped for it."

So Mister Pacino is ready now? Bring it on!

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"Milk" Screenwriter to be Honored by the Writers Guild of America 

Dustin Lance Black, who worked hard in his quest to bring Harvey Milk's life to the big screen is being honored by the Writers Guild of America West.

Black, who's nominated for the WGA award for original screenplay is going to receive the Paul Selvin Award.

The Selvin Award is given to writers whose works examine civil rights issues.

"Milk" is a fitting tribute to Harvey Milk, a gay rights pioneer!

WGA West president Patric Verrone revealed to Variety:

“Lance Black's script reminds us that all it takes is a single spark to light the fuse of an entire movement.”

The WGA awards will be this Saturday at the Century Plaza hotel. Congratulations Mister Dustin!

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