Christian Bale Apologizes -- "It's Been a Miserable Week for Me...I Acted Like a Punk" 

Christian Bale has been the talk of the town! His f-bomb tirade made Rod Blagojevich looked like a saint.


The actor has publicly apologized for his bad behavior on the set of "Terminator Salvation" saying he "was out of order beyond belief!"

In his interview with the Los Angeles radio show Kevin & Bean, Bale says:

"I have to tell ya, it's been a miserable week for me... I know I have a potty mouth, everybody knows that now. The thing that I really wanna stress is that I have no confusion whatsoever, I was out of order beyond belief. I was way out of order. I acted like a punk, I regret that, and there is nobody that has heard that tape that it's hit harder than me. So I make no excuses for it, it was inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear..."

According to Bale, the drama never got close to becoming physical but blames everything on the tension of the scene, the characters:

"So many people have opinions on this, but none of them were there. Now, we're making Terminator... Sarah Connor is in an insane asylum. I play John Connor, Sarah Connor's son. Now, on the day that all of this happened, the scene that we were doing, I was trying to show a little of that in the blood craziness. You know what? It went very wrong and for reasons that myself, and Shane... and every crew member who was in that hanger at Kirkland Air Space (in Washington) that day, they know the reasons, I got annoyed and then what happened, I made it ugly, and that was awful of me. I took it way too far and completely mixed up fact and fiction, I'm half John Connor, half Christian Bale and we've heard what happened."

But here's the good news! Bale and the director of photography, the recipient of the actor's outburst, Shane Hurlbut, are still professionally friendly with each other:

"I've not only talked with him, we resolved this completely that very day. We kept working for a number of hours. Listen, when I'm saying I'm not coming back on that set if he's still there, you know what? It's hot air. I don't believe that. I had no intention of getting anybody fired. I absolutely believed in Shane's capability, he's done a wonderful job on that movie. Everything is resolved between us, there is no problem whatsoever. I've seen a cut of the movie and he has done a wonderful professional job, and I don't want anyone to have a misunderstanding about that."

Aw...see? All's well that ends well!

Oh, listen to the complete interview right here.

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Spielberg's Dreamworks -- So Long Universal, Hello Disney 

Variety is reporting that Universal Pictures "abruptly severed its ties with Dreamworks" upon knowing that the company was secretly negotiating with Disney as well!


The long and short of it, Dreamworks wants more money, fearing that they'll need more financial backing for future projects.

But the studio balked at DreamWorks' demands to reduce the distribution fee below 8%.

So here comes the drama part!

What Universal didn't know is that DreamWorks was also engaged in negotiations with Disney to replace Universal as its studio partner moving forward.

Dreamworks is despicable and deplorable?

Instead, Universal was blindsided and privately called DreamWorks' behavior "despicable and deplorable." Publicly, the studio released a statement that said it "has ended discussions with DreamWorks for a distribution agreement. Over the past several weeks DreamWorks has demanded material changes to previously agreed upon terms. It is clear that DreamWorks' needs and Universal's business interests are no longer in alignment. We wish them luck in their pursuit of funding and distribution of their future endeavors."

And now, Dreamworks is close to signing a deal with Disney. Isn't it funny? Once upon a time, in a Dreamworks' movie called "Shrek," they made fun of Disney and its then boss Michael Eisner.

Now, as the world turns, Dreamworks is going to swallow its pride and embrace Disney.

The studio is hoping to cut a deal with Disney in the next 48 hours. Tic Toc Tic Toc.

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"Push" and "Coraline" Movie Reviews! 

Oooooh, me in 3-D :happy

Well, I'm reviewing two big films among many opening this weekend. We have the action-fantasy-adventure "Push," and the 3-D stop motion animated flick "Coraline."

Oh yeah, both films feature Dakota Fanning! So which one is a better film featuring Miss Dakota?

Take a look at my review.

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"Sex and the City" the SEQUEL -- It's Official! 

E! Online is exclusively reporting that "Sex and the City" sequel is a go! Writer-director Michael Patrick King confirms:

"I'm very excited to work with these amazing actresses again and would love to give everyone more information about the sequel...but I'm busy with my 'Sex' life."

Furthermore, "all four stars—Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis—and writer-director Michael Patrick King have now signed their deals for another round of Carrie Bradshaw & Co."

Apparently, everything was finalized yesterday afternoon!

No script yet, but shooting is scheduled to begin this summer with a release date targeting summer of 2010.

Great! But here's the hard part. How can King and co. improve on the first film? The original movie was just okay, some find it heartwarming, others think it's tedious.

So what can they do to make the sequel better? More loud fashion statement? More male nudity? More sex? Or more Big lovin'?

Start thinking!

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Steven Soderbergh, Brad Pitt Team Up for "Moneyball" 

Director Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt are teaming up once again for "Moneyball." It's the adaptation of the Michael Lewis book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game."

Apparently, Soderbergh has always wanted to make a sports film (the book is largely about baseball) and Pitt has been interested with the film adaptation, so the "Ocean" films brethren team up!

Steven Zaillian will write the script. But first, Soderbergh must finish making "Cleo," the musical about Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, the Roman General not the singer :happy

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