I Wasn't Fired, Director Catherine Hardwicke Says of "Twilight" Sequel 

Another day, another "Twilight"-inspired news!

This time, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke revealed she was not fired from making the sequel "New Moon" but it was her choice to drop out claiming she didn't want to make the movie under a tight deadline and with budget constraints.

According to WENN:

She says, "I was devastated. I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie - and to Stephenie (Meyer, Twilight author) and the actors. But I just didn't think I could make a good movie under those circumstances."

So there you have it folks, the first female director to score the biggest debut ever in U.S. box-office history ($69.6 million buckaroos) hath spoken!

Do you believe her? Or did Summit Entertainment give her a pink slip?

Meanwhile, let's hope and pray that director Chris Weitz will do justice to "New Moon" so all the fans, both of the book and the film franchise, will be very happy.

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Want to Know More about "X-Men Origins: Wolverine?" Exclusive Reveals in 3 Simple Steps! 

Here's all you need to know right now:

3 Sixty-Second Spots – Together Forming a Narrative – to Air over 3 Days

How, you asked? Here you go, follow the steps, and rinse, lather, no repeats:

1. The first spot airs this Sunday (February 15) on "Family Guy"

2. The second on Monday (Feb. 16) on "House"

3. The third on Tuesday (Feb. 17) on "American Idol."

It's all over the FOX network, because the film is produced by yes, 20th Century FOX.

Here's the rest of the press release, and have fun piecing together "X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Are you excited about this as I am?

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, the first chapter in the X-Men saga, unites Wolverine with several other legends of the X-Men universe, in an epic revolution that pits the mutants against powerful forces determined to eliminate them.

Hugh Jackman, who reprises the role that made him a superstar, is joined by Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan, and Ryan Reynolds, as well as Taylor Kitsch, will.i.am, and Lynn Collins. Gavin Hood directs from a screenplay by David Benioff and Skip Woods (writing credit not yet final). The producers are Lauren Shuler Donner, Ralph Winter, Hugh Jackman, and John Palermo.

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE opens in theaters May 1, 2009.

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After a Year, "Nightmare on Elm Street" Finds a Director 

So, one year ago today, we reported that Michael Bay was set to revamp the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise.

There was even a rumor of who was going to play the iconic Freddy Krueger.

Now, Bay has picked a director, and it's going to be Samuel Bayer. Just who is he?

Well, he's a sought-after music video and commercial director. He even won best director at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Some of the most famous music videos he's directed are Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Blind Melon's "No Rain" -- you know, the one with a dancing girl in a bumblebee outfit?

So this is exciting, albeit hokey-ish...first, they revamped Michael Myers in "Halloween," then it's Jason Voorhees for the upcoming "Friday the 13th," now, it's the most iconic serial killer of them all, Freddy Krueger!

Hollywood is raping my childhood!

But who are we kidding here? I'll be counting down 1, 2 Freddy's coming for you...

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John Malkovich Joins Josh Brolin for "Jonah Hex" 

John Malkovich is getting ready to steal some scenes from Josh Brolin in "Jonah Hex." As we reported back in October, Brolin is set to star in the film adaptation of the comic book series.

According to Variety:
Malkovich will play Turnbull, a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War. He blames Hex, a former confederate soldier-turned-hardened bounty hunter and gunslinger. Jimmy Hayward ("Horton Hears a Who") is directing the script by "Crank" scribes Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Mad Chance's Andrew Lazar is producing with Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman.

Production stars April.

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Michael Moore's Next Film! Why He's Asking Wall Street's Help? 

Let me just tell y'all, love him or hate him, Michael Moore creates truly entertaining, yet thought-provoking documentaries.

So I saw on Moore's website, that he's asking Wall Street for help! Not for money, but for information.

Could it be that his new documentary is about the bailout last year? The mysterious $750 billion bailout plan that most banks won't admit to how they used our money?

Only time will tell, for now at least. But here's Moore's email:

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
Will You Help Me With My Next Film? ...a request from Michael Moore


I am in the middle of shooting my next movie and I am looking for a few brave people who work on Wall Street or in the financial industry to come forward and share with me what they know. Based on those who have already contacted me, I believe there are a number of you who know "the real deal" about the abuses that have been happening. You have information that the American people need to hear. I am humbly asking you for a moment of courage, to be a hero and help me expose the biggest swindle in American history.

All correspondence with me will be kept confidential. Your identity will be protected and you will decide to what extent you wish to participate in telling the greatest crime story ever told.

The important thing here is for you to step up as an American and do your duty of shedding some light on this financial collapse. A few good people have already come forward, which leads me to believe there are many more of you out there who know what's going on. Here's your chance to let your fellow citizens in on the truth.

If you have any info that would help, please contact me at my private email address: bailout@michaelmoore.com.

For the rest of you on my email list who don't work in the financial industry, you're probably wondering, "What the heck is this all about? I thought he said he was making a romantic comedy!"

Well, I just can't say much right now. I'm sure you can understand why. One thing I can tell you is that you're gonna like this movie when I'm done with it. Oh, yeah...

So, again, if you work for a bank, a brokerage firm or an insurance company -- or if you have seen things or heard things that you believe the American people have a right to know -- please contact me at bailout@michaelmoore.com.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Michael Moore

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