Jim Carrey, Jake Gyllenhaal to Sing and Dance in "Damn Yankees" 

New Line Cinema is planning a contemporary version of the classical musical, "Damn Yankees," and they're attaching both Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal to star!

It's going to be produced by the folks behind "Hairspray," Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

The original musical was first a big Broadway success in 1955 and won 7 tony Awards! It's a story about Joe Boyd who makes a pact with the devil who transforms him into slugger Joe Hardy to help his struggling pro baseball team.

But there's a price of course! Boyd's soul!

Tan dan dan....

Carrey is going to play the devil and Gyllenhaal to star as Boyd aka Hardy.

And just for approved measure, the devil hires Lola, a lost soul, to seduce Hardy and seal his fate!

No word yet on who's going to star as Lola.

More tan dan dan...

There was, of course, a 1958 Warner Bros. film starring Gwen Verdon, Ray Walston, and Tab Hunter.

Take a look at the trailer of the original film, and then picture Carrey and Gyllenhaal in the roles!

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You've Read It, Now Watch It -- My Movie Review of "Two Lovers" -- The "Supposed" Final Film of Joaquin Phoenix 
Love him or hate him, Joaquin Phoenix is a fantastic actor. And his supposed to be final film, "Two Lovers," is a testament to his greatness!

So this movie review is a plea! For you to watch "Two Lovers," and for Phoenix to forget rapping, and return to acting...quick!

Watch my review :happy

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Watch the Latest Release from the Brilliant Coen Brothers! And It's All for a Good Cause! 
I received a press release today teasing about the Coen Brothers. Being a fan, I got excited...until...I discovered it's a commercial, a public service announcement, if you may, about the real truth about "clean coal."

So I looked at it, and it has all the Coen Brothers' witty trademark. And it kind of makes you think! So there's nothing wrong with that...

See the video below, and I'll also paste parts of the press release, and if you so choose to know more, go to their website right here.

Here's the press release:

When it comes to making cutting edge films like "Fargo," "No Country for Old Men," and "The Big Lebowski," Joel and Ethan Coen are the real deal.

Now, they've got one more title on that impressive list.

"Air Freshener" is directed by the Coen brothers, and we're proud to say it's Reality's latest ad -- calling out the coal industry's ridiculous claims that coal is clean as only the Coen brothers can. Watch it now:

And here's the spot:

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"Watchmen" Comics vs. Film Adaptation 

Okay, I saw the film last night, but I promised Warner Bros. not to reveal anything until next week. So, to satisfy your "Watchmen" hunger, I saw this article from our friends at MTV.com

They interviewed director Zack Snyder, and asked the major differences between the comic book version and the film adaptation.

These are all accurate, and I can guarantee you, if you love the comic book, like I do, you'll love the movie! You can check out the full article here, or here's the full interview as well.

Nite Owl Watches Rorschach Become a Blot
Following their confrontation with Ozymandias, Rorschach is blown to bits by Manhattan. In the novel, Nite Owl misses the kill because he's with Silk Spectre. In the film, Dan Dreiberg watches helplessly as his old partner is killed. "I just felt that I needed a moment at the end," Snyder explained. "That relationship between Rorschach and Nite Owl is a sweet relationship that we establish in the movie. We get a glimpse of what their partnership was like. ... I thought it was nice [for Dan] to see Rorschach die, and also it motivates him to come back in [to confront Adrian] and be mad. You think, for a second, maybe, 'Whoa, this is going to be a superhero movie!' But he has no chance against Adrian."

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
In the novel, young Laurie has a touching flashback in which she drops a snow globe. And although the scene isn't in "Watchmen," Snyder revealed that the globe is. "In that title sequence, when you peek past the doorway ... you can see little Laurie walking down the hallway to her mother and her stepfather fighting at the end of the hall," Snyder said. "On top of the TV, we built a snow globe that's got the snow, and we actually shook it [before cameras rolled] so fans could see it."

A Short Stroll to Ozymandias' Crib
In the novel, Nite Owl and Rorschach crash their ship in Antarctica, then ride Segway-like hovercrafts over several freezing miles to Adrian Veidt's lair. In the movie, they walk a few hundred feet. "It's because I like that shot where you can see the Owl Ship, and you can pull back and see Karnak in the foreground," Snyder said of the first time we see Ozymandias' enormous fortress of solitude. "I wanted to have geography, for the audience to understand the distances. And also, when they approach Karnak, you can [now] see it as you approach. [Otherwise], it would be difficult for them to fly so far away. It would be some bad flying by the end."

A Hairy Interview?
A bona fide superhero celebrity, Dr. Manhattan goes on a news talk show during a key "Watchmen" moment. In Moore's novel, the interviewer is a generic talking head. In the movie — is that Ted Koppel? "It is Ted Koppel," Snyder confirmed. "I do that a lot in the movie. I try to drill down on pop culture and make you have a reference to your own world."

Kill the Media
Following the revelations during his interview, a frenzied Dr. Manhattan is surrounded by reporters screaming questions. In the novel, he makes them all vanish and reappear outside. In the movie, he makes himself vanish and reappear on Mars. "In the director's cut, he beams them all out," Zack said. "That was just a little time-saving device to move us along in the [story] of Manhattan." But wait, it gets cooler: "In the director's cut, you don't know what he did with those people," Snyder grinned wickedly, implying that Manhattan may have killed the reporters. "You don't see them in the parking lot. We don't PG-13 them; you just don't know where they went."

Janey's Got a Wig
In Alan Moore's graphic novel, Dr. Manhattan's interview goes off track as reporters reveal that he might be giving his loved ones cancer. In the movie, his former lover Janey Slater actually shows up at the TV studio and dramatically takes off her wig, revealing that she's dying. "I just needed and wanted that to be tied back to Janey emotionally and felt that the reporters weren't enough," Zack said of the addition. "There's an interview with her [in the graphic novel], and she reveals a lot of the stuff that she reveals in that speech to him. We took it from that moment; I took all of those ideas and had her confront Manhattan with them instead."

In Moore's novel, Rorschach's intense meetings with Cosby-like shrink Dr. Malcolm Long send the good doctor down his own dark, downward spiral. In Snyder's film, the subplot is nonexistent. "That's very indulgent. We didn't quite go that far, but I would have loved to," he said of Dr. Malcolm's scenes at home.

Drinks Are on the Comedian
In the novel, a tense flashback has Laurie confronting Edward Blake and throwing a drink in his face. In the movie, the scene doesn't exist. "Yeah, I didn't put that scene in. I felt that I could only have one Comedian/Laurie flashback," Snyder explained. "So I stayed with the one outside the Watchmen headquarters."

Screeching to a Halt
In both the novel and film, Archie is the vehicle of choice for breaking Rorschach out of prison, but the movie version doesn't give us the ear-piercing Screechers that disable the guards and convicts. "The Owl Ship does have Screechers; you don't hear them," Snyder said. "But in the director's cut, when they are escaping from prison, there's a scene when they are up on the rooftop and Dan says, 'I had to turn the Screechers off, so we're going to be drawing fire soon!' So there's a little reference."

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"The NeverEnding Story" Returns! The Leonardo DiCaprio Connection! 

Remember "The Neverending Story?" I honestly remember Limahl's pop song from the film more than the movie :happy

But I heard that the film will get the reboot treatment from "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" folks (the Kennedy/Marshall Co.) and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production.

Right now, both parties are in talks with Warner Bros. which acquired the rights to the franchise.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new film "will examine the more nuanced details of the book that were glossed over in the first pic." Ooooh, nuanced, I'm so there!

I almost forgot that Wolfgang Petersen directed the original 1984 film after he made the fantastic "Das Boot."

Oh and did you know that the source material of the film is a German book written by Michael Ende called "Die Unendliche Geschichte?"

So why didn't they ask the "99 Luftballons" singer Nena to sing the original song? :happy

And the 1990 sequel? It was directed by a guy named George Miller, not to be confused with the other George Miller of "Babe" and "Mad Max" fame.

No word yet on the writer or director of the planned reboot! But many theorists have credited the original film as the inspiration to such contemporary children fantasy fares like the "Harry Potter" franchise.

I say bring it on, but let's not forget the precious Limahl (I wonder whatever happened to him) and his "NeverEnding Story" song...cheesy, new-wavy, just a perfect song for today, so take a look and sing with me! :happy

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