Carrie Underwood's Big Screen Debut as...Church Lady! 

From American Idol to country music superstar to movie star! Carrie Underwood is making her big screen debut in the film "Soul Surfer" starring Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, and AnnaSophia Robb.

The indie-drama is about teen surfing champ and shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton. Based on Hamilton's autobiography, Robb will star as the surf champion who won professional championships after losing her arm in a shark attack at age 13. (Read Hamilton's wiki here, it's quite inspiring!)

Quaid and Hunt will star as Hamilton's parents, and Underwood will play a church youth leader.

"Soul Surfer" starts shooting this week in Hawaii from director Sean McNamara ("Bratz: The Movie" really?). The script is written by McNamara, Deborah Schwartz, Douglas Schwartz and Michael Berk.

Again I ask, from the guy who gave us "Bratz: The Movie"...really? Well, I hope the script is good, and that Underwood can act as well as she can sing!

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Duncan Sheik to Write Songs for "American Psycho" the Musical! 

As we reported back on September 2008 ("American Psycho" the Musical? Why?), producers are moving forward with the stage musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel "American Psycho."

Back in 2000, the big screen version opened with Christian Bale starring as Patrick Bateman, a murderous New York yuppie with expensive taste and a taste for murder.

Now, the LA Times is reporting that Duncan Sheik, winner of two Tony Awards for "Spring Awakening," has signed on to compose the songs! Playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is set to write the book.

In a statement, Sheik said that after re-reading Ellis' novel this summer, "I came to feel that what some people (including myself) may have seen as an over-the-top literary folly of the early nineties was in fact a pretty timeless tale of alienation and solipsism."

He added: "And, really, what could be more subversive fun than murderous bankers breaking into song?”

At first, I was befuddled with this musical plan, but upon hearing that Sheik will write the songs, I felt better. He did such an amazing job with "Spring Awakening" and I'm sure he'll be able to channel the 80s to mine the pop hits from that generation. Tubular!

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New "Tron Legacy" Image 

Inspired by Jeff Bridges' "Crazy Heart" Oscar nomination announced today, Disney released a new image from "Tron Legacy" starring the actor. The caption says:

JEFF BRIDGES, winner of both a Golden Globe® and Screen Actors Guild Award®—and now an Oscar® nominee—for his performance in “Crazy Heart,” stars in TRON: LEGACY, a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (GARRETT HEDLUND), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (BRIDGES), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years. Together, they embark on a life-and-death journey of escape across a visually-stunning and exceedingly dangerous cyber universe. The film hits U.S. theaters Dec. 17, 2010.

Here's the picture featuring a brooding Bridges:

The "Tron Legacy" picture below was released a while back, but it's still fun :happy

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Official Statements from "Up in the Air's" Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick About Their Oscar Nominations 

"Up in the Air" received 6 Oscar nominations today including Best Picture, Best Actor for George Clooney, Best Director for Jason Reitman, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress for Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. (Check the complete Oscar nominations list right here)

Here are official statements from the nominated actresses:


“I am deeply honored and humbled by this recognition and truly grateful to the Academy for their support of Up In The Air. I feel my nomination is due, in large part, to the phenomenal work of George, Anna and Jason on this film and it is especially moving to receive my first nomination in their company.”


“I am thrilled beyond words to be nominated with these talented and inspiring women. Being involved in a film as special as Up in the Air was a dream come true. I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination and am so grateful to be able to share this experience with George, Vera and Jason.”

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Jeff Bridges and Fellow "Crazy Heart" Oscar Nominees Talk About Their Nominations! 

"Crazy Heart" from Fox Searchlight received 3 Oscar nominations including a Best Actor nod for Jeff Bridges, Best Supporting Actress for Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Best Original Song for T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham.

The following are their official statements about their nominations:

Jeff Bridges, CRAZY HEART


“I’m so grateful to have the honor of a fifth Oscar nomination, but to share this with my Crazy Heart colleagues T Bone and Ryan and my amazing co-star Maggie is truly special – this film is near and dear to my heart and theirs. I want to thank the Academy for being so kind to me for the past 40 years, and I want to thank my director Scott Cooper for helping bring Bad Blake to life, and to my wonderful wife Sue for being there for me the past 33 years. Today is filled with blessings.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal, CRAZY HEART


“I am thrilled...beyond thrilled. I was completely surprised, overwhelmed and overjoyed this morning when I heard about the nomination. I am so proud of this movie. Working with Jeff was amazing. He opened me up and pushed me so far. I'd love to keep making movies with him over and over again. Scott Cooper wrote such a beautiful script and was so full of love and strength as a director. I am honored and overjoyed!”

T Bone Burnett, CRAZY HEART

MUSIC, ORIGINAL SONG – “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)”

“All of us who worked on Crazy Heart are so proud of this film and are incredibly thankful that audiences are embracing it and that reaction from critics and the film industry has been so overwhelmingly positive. To receive an Academy Award nomination, along with Ryan Bingham, Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a great honor and further validates our belief in this film. I am personally very grateful to the Academy for this recognition of our work.”

Ryan Bingham, CRAZY HEART

MUSIC, ORIGINAL SONG – “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)”

"Being a part of CRAZY HEART has been the experience of a lifetime, and I never could have imagined when I first started writing 'The Weary Kind" that it would have led to such an honor from the Academy. I couldn't have asked to work with a more amazing and talented group of people on my first film. I feel both privileged and excited to share this Oscar nomination today along with T Bone Burnett, Jeff Bridges, and Maggie Gyllenhaal."

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