"Shutter Island" Movie Review 

Like any film buff, I worship at the altar of Martin Scorsese. He’s one of the few filmmakers whose rich body of work expounds on the evils of power. In “Shutter Island,” the greatest living American director investigates a different kind of power – the human mind.

Based on Dennis Lehane’s best-selling novel, “Shutter Island” is a psychological suspense thriller where the narrative unfolds on an island housing Ashecliffe Hospital, a sanatorium for the criminally insane. Read More...

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James Cameron Writing "Avatar" Prequel, But Wait, Don't Dust Off Your 3-D Glasses Yet! 

James Cameron is writing a prequel to his mega-hit "Avatar" BUT...it's going to be a novel. Jon Landau, the film's producer, told MTV News that "Jim wants to write a novel that is a big, epic story that fills in a lot of things."

This will mark Cameron's debut as a novelist.

For a while, there were out-of-this world rumors about prequels, sequels, comic books, novelizations, but as Landau put it, "[We] won't have time to do [these stories] in the movie, or maybe in sequels."

So a novel will serve as the building block of future "Avatar" incarnations.

This is actually intriguing because there were many back-stories I wished the film dealt with. And voila! The novel will explain everything! Landau continued, "It would be something that would lead up to telling the story of the movie, but it would go into much more depth about all the stories that we didn't have time to deal with — like the schoolhouse and Sigourney [Weaver's character] teaching at the schoolhouse; Jake on Earth and his backstory and how he came here; [the death of] Tommy, Jake's brother; and Colonel Quaritch, how he ended up there and all that."

So, if the prequel becomes a huge success, Cameron and Landau can open up the world of "Avatar" much like George Lucas' exploration of his "Star Wars" universe.

More secrets of Pandora will be revealed when the "Avatar" prequel novel is released at the end of the year.

To watch Landau's interview with MTV News, click here.

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Anthony Hopkins Reveals He's Just Like His "Thor" Character Odin! 

As we told you back in October, Anthony Hopkins is set to add credibility to the Marvel Studios production of "Thor" (Hopkins adds credibility to any film he's in, case in point -- "The Wolfman").

The Oscar winner is taking on the role of Odin, the King of Asgard and the father of Thor and Loki. Hopkins told the LA Times that, "I don't just play a father, I play the god-father."

Chris Hemsworth, who played Capt. Kirk's dad in "Star Trek" is set to play the title character and Natalie Portman is the love of his life, Jane Foster.

Hopkins revealed that he's a little like Odin himself!

"He's a stern man. He's a man with purpose. I play the god who banishes his son from the kingdom of Asgard because he screwed up. He's a hot-headed, temperamental young man --- probably a chip off of the old block -- but I decide he's not really ready to rule the future kingdom, so I banish him. I'm harsh and my wife complains and I say, 'That is why I'm king.' He's ruthless, take-it-or-leave-it. Women are much more forgiving; men are not so forgiving. I know in my life, my karma is, 'If you don't like it, tough, move on.' And I move on. I'm a little like Odin myself."

For more on this interesting article, and why Hopkins has been delving into the "father-son" relationship films such as "The Wolfman," click here.

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So the Third "Chronicles of Riddick" Will Be About... 

Well, we'll get to that later. For now, the threequel will be called "Riddick" and it's one of the most sought- after titles at the European Film Market! Lionsgate will be handling international sales.

The franchise started with 2000's "Pitch Black," then 2004's "The Chronicles of Riddick." Original writer-director David Twohy is returning for the third time.

Mr. Riddick himself, Vin Diesel, was present when the project was unveiled to EFM buyers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the third movie will be:

"a back-to-basics approach to the character popularized by Diesel, the script features the character -- the most wanted man in the galaxy -- left for dead on a barren alien planet, dealing with "trisons" (three-legged bisons) and "mud demons." He must then contend with two squads of bounty hunters, one of which ride rockets called jetcycles."

Monsters and jetcycles, yeah!

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Why Keanu's Director Left "Jekyll," He's Ditching Harrison Ford Too! 

Empire Online caught up with director Nicolas Winding Refn and confirmed that the Danish director will not be working with Keanu Reeves on "Jekyll," the latest adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Gothic tale.

Refn, who's currently working on his Viking film, "Valhalla Rising," also left production of "The Dying of the Light" written by Paul Schrader and Harrison Ford is attached to star. Instead, the director will focus on an adaptation of James Sallis' crime noir "Drive" starring Ryan Gosling.

So why did Refn leave the "Jekyll" production? Supposedly, it's because of clashing schedules. He told Empire, "I just couldn't do it when they needed me."

What does he think of Keanu? "Keanu is a wonderful actor and I'm sure it will be a fantastic film with him in."

For more Keanu and "Jekyll" reading, click right here.

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