"Fletch" Lives Again in Planned Warner Bros. Reboot! 

Warner Bros. is investigating the possibility of bringing back "Fletch" to the big screen! According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has bought movie rights to the Gregory McDonald mystery novels.

There's no writer or director or star on board yet, but the studio wants this new "Fletch" to be a "reimagining" and not a remake of the popular "Fletch" films starring Chevy Chase (1985's "Fletch" and 1989's "Fletch Lives").

Once upon a time, Harvey Weinstein, through Miramax and then The Weinstein Company, wanted to launch a "Fletch" franchise with director Kevin Smith for McDonald's "Fletch Won." Everyone from Ben Affleck to Jason Lee to Joshua Jackson were attached to star but it was ultimately a failed attempt to bring back "Fletch."

Maybe this time Warner Bros. will succeed in revamping the franchise.

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Cameron Diaz Joins Colin Firth for the Coen Brothers' Scripted "Gambit" 

Remember the 1966 movie "Gambit" starring Michael Caine and Shirley Maclaine? The actors played two criminals who created an elaborate scheme to con millionaire Mr. Shahbandar played by Herbert Lom.

Well, the great Coen brothers wrote a script based on the original and now, Cameron Diaz is joining Oscar front-runner Colin Firth for the remake according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael Hoffman, the guy who gave us "The Last Station," is attached to direct and will begin shooting the movie in London in May.

I can't wait for the Coen brothers' take on the film. The original movie was marketed as ""Go Ahead Tell The End - It's Too Hysterical To Keep Secret - But Please Don't Tell The Beginning!" Why? Because the film was told in reverse with a twist that happened in the beginning but the punchline was saved for the end. It was clever storytelling.

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Will Joaquin Phoenix Return to Acting in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?" 

Last week, we told you that Benjamin Walker will walk the part of Honest Abe in Timur Bekmambetov's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." We also told you that besides the beloved President, another juicy role in the film is the part of Henry Sturges, Lincoln's mentor who taught him how to slay vamps. Now, Deadline is saying that Joaquin Phoenix could return to acting playing the plum role!

The role was previously offered to "Inception's" Tom Hardy until the actor chose to work on Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises." Apparently, Phoenix has met with 20th Century Fox and Bekmambetov and was told that the role is his if he wants it!

Like what I said in my "Two Lovers" (Phoenix's last film before he went play-pretend bonkers) or "I'm Still Here" movie reviews, Phoenix is a great actor and he should not forget acting!

So this is great news! The role of Henry Sturges is like Lincoln's Dumbledore, or Gandalf, or Yoda! Or heck, even similar to Buffy's Giles. And we always remember the person who taught our hero everything, don't we?

Let's wait and see if Phoenix will bite into the role! He should! Oh, and have I told you how much I love the book? You should read it!

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Stephen King's "The Stand" is Coming to Theaters Near You, Are You Excited? 

Warner Bros. and CBS Films are partnering to give us the big screen version of the Stephen King opus, "The Stand." Should we say it's about damn time, or too late?

Originally published in 1978, "The Stand" is about the never-ending spiritual battle between good and evil told against an apocalyptic backdrop -- a virus has taken over America!

This multi-layered, multi-character piece quickly became a cult hit, and has been influential in shows like "Lost."

King will be involved somehow, but we don't know as to what extent yet. His material was Hollywood's cash cow in the 70s and 80s, and yes, some of his films work (like "Shawshank Redemption"), and some suck (Remember "Maximum Overdrive?" He directed that one you know)!

Apparently both the studios and producers will meet with writers and directors in the coming weeks to find the film's voice. Will it be a multi-part film in the vein of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" or will it be a standalone movie?

I love King, and I actually admired (at least until the WTF ending) the 1994 TV version with Gary Sinise, remember that one? No? Here's a trip down memory lane:

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Can Tyler Perry Pull Off Alex Cross? 

As an actor, Tyler Perry is known as the lovably irritating Madea in all those Madea-centric films. Now, the Hollywood Reporter is saying that the actor will play Alex Cross, the James Patterson-created character that Morgan Freeman previously played in "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider." (Check out my fun interview with Perry for "Madea Goes to Jail" right here)

It's an ambitious gambit for Perry, and way to go for trying to defy gravity by deciding to play the detective-psychologist. And it's not even a comedy!

QED has announced that Patterson is co-writing a draft of the script with Kerry Williamson, and will be polished by Marc Moss. Rob Cohen ("The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor") will direct. (Check out my interview with Cohen for "The Mummy" right here)

The last time Perry acted in a film that he did not write, produce, or direct was for "Star Trek" as the Commander of the Star Fleet. But his role was brief in the film. This Alex Cross movie will mark his first big role without any of his input as part of the creative team.

So I think Perry can pull off Alex Cross. He can ditch the wig and the Madea stance anytime. :happy

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