Get Ready for Katy Perry Documentary Concert in Glorious 3D! 

Much like Justin Bieber before her, Paramount is planning an untitled 3D film starring the super-hot pop songstress Katy Perry. Deadline told us that it's already shot by director Nanette Bernstein (I think Deadline meant Nanette Burstein, director of 2001's mini-series "Say It Loud: A Celebration of Black Music in America," "The Kid Stays in the Picture," and "American Teen").

And much like Bieber's "Never Say Never" (which I actually liked, I know...sorry!), this Perry docu-concert will be about her growing up as Katy Hudson with her gospel background before dumping that last name and deciding to kiss a girl and liking it!

Will the 3D film talk about the one who got away, Russell Brand? Stay tuned...

The Perry 3D flick is being planned for a June or July release this year.

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Adam Sandler to Visit "Candyland!" 

Three years ago, we told you about Universal's plans to turn Hasbro toys into big blockbusters. One of those films was the board game "Candyland," and it was supposed to be written by the "Tropic Thunder" scribe, Etan Cohen, and to be directed by Kevin Lima, the guy who gave us "Enchanted." (Check "Candy Land" Moves to the Big Screen! The "Enchanted" and "Tropic Thunder" Connection!)

Well, fast forward to three years later, and Universal has wisened up about their Hasbro dreams, dumped their plans, and now, Sony's Columbia Pictures is stepping in and they're bringing Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison shingle with them. They're in deep talks to take over this board game.

Lima is still attached to direct but Sandler and Robert Smigel are now in negotiations to write the screenplay.

Here's the deal, Universal is smart to stay away from this project. Sandler hasn't been funny in a while, although I love "Enchanted" and perhaps, Lima and Smigel can produce a miracle.

But really? A board game? "Candyland?" Will this suck?

Let's wait and see if the upcoming board game movie, "Battleship" from Universal and director Peter Berg will suck and sink on May 18 when it opens.

Here's the full press release via Deadline:

CULVER CITY, Calif., January 31, 2012 – Columbia Pictures, Happy Madison and Hasbro, Inc. are in final talks to develop Candy Land, a live action movie based on the bestselling Hasbro board game with Adam Sandler attached to star, it was jointly announced today by Doug Belgrad, President of Columbia Pictures, Hannah Minghella, President of Production for Columbia Pictures, and Brian Goldner, Hasbro President and CEO. Kevin Lima (Enchanted) is attached to direct the project for the studio with Sandler and Robert Smigel are in talks to write the screenplay.

Commenting on the announcement, Belgrad said, “Candy Land is more than just a game. It is a brand that children, parents and grandparents know and love. The world of Candy Land offers an extraordinary canvas upon which to create a fantastical, live-action family adventure film with a larger than life part for Adam. We are thrilled to partner with Hasbro and Happy Madison on this project.”

“The creative talent on board for this movie is amazing and we are excited to bring alive the world of Candy Land for kids and families everywhere,” Goldner added. “Sony/Columbia has been a wonderful creative partner as we develop another of our games, Risk, for the big screen. We are looking forward to working with Sony/Columbia and Adam Sandler and his team at Happy Madison Productions on this film.”

Candy Land is one of the most beloved and best known games of all time. Created in 1949, it has been played by generations of families. In the game, players go on a magical journey through fantastical lands made of candy, sweets, and ice cream: the Peppermint Forest, the Gum Drop Mountains, and the Lollypop Woods. Along the way, players encounter such iconic characters as Princess Frostine, Lord Licorice, Mr. Mint, and King Candy.

The project will be produced by Goldner (Transformers) and Hasbro’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Motion Pictures, Bennett Schneir (Battleship) along with Happy Madison Productions. At Columbia, development of Candy Land will be overseen by Sam Dickerman.

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See Julianne Moore's Stunning Transformation as Sarah Palin in New HBO "Game Change" Trailer! 

All I can say is wow! Julianne Moore, the fantastic understated actress, goes all out as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO film "Game Change" from executive producer Tom Hanks. (Take a look at the trailer below)

The film chronicles the 2008 failed campaign of GOP presidential nominee John McCain and his vice-presidential pick Palin. This one's based on the book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann and directed by Jay Roach, yup, the guy who gave us all the "Austin Powers" films, "Meet the Parents," "Meet the Fockers," and "Dinner for Schmucks."

But Roach also gave us the powerful, Emmy-winning film "Recount" about the 2000 presidential election when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush. So he knows how to find comedy in life's real drama!

In "Game Change," Moore channels Palin and from the looks of it, channels her well! In her interview with the Huffington Post, she says, "We have her displaying moments of sheer brilliance –- I mean, she was unbelievably charismatic." Moore continues, "Suddenly here was this working class mother who popped out and seemed to be able to command the world, but of course upon further inspection, she was clearly not prepared. She didn't necessarily have the experience necessary to lead our country, and that’s what we were attempting to characterize."

But Moore isn't the only one doing all the characterizations, take a look at Ed Harris as well, who does an impressive job as McCain. Woody Harrelson also co-stars as adviser Steve Schmidt.

I can't wait to see "Game Change" on HBO on March 10th at 9pm!

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Tom Hanks to Present at 84th Academy Awards 

Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks will present at the 84th Academy Awards. The actor, who is also a governor of the Academy, won consecutive Best Actor Oscars in 1993 for "Philadelphia" and in 1994 for "Forrest Gump." Hanks also received Oscar nominations for "Big," "Saving Private Ryan," and "Cast Away."

His current film with Sandra Bullock, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" is one of the Best Picture Oscar nominees. Hanks will join Jennifer Lopez as one of the presenters at the Oscars on Feb. 26th.

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The Best Song/Video About Julian Sands Ever! 

You remember Julian Sands right? He was the it boy in the late 80s early 90s and he starred in films such as "A Room with a View," the "Warlock" movies, "Arachnophobia," "Boxing Helena," and "Leaving Las Vegas."

You know the name, you may know the face, but what you may not know is the actor is still working in Hollywood today, most recently as the young Henrik Vanger in the U.S. version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" from director David Fincher. I know, I was surprised too!

Sands also made a bunch of B-movie extravaganza and that's really why we love him! But many folks have been wondering, whatever happened to Julian Sands? A quick Google of that phrase and you'll see fans ruminating on his supposed career demise. My favorite is Bad Movie Night saying, "Whatever happened to Julian Sands? It seems like his career has disintegrated into Warlock II and Boxing Helena."

So it was such a nice surprise that Homer, a Chicago comedian and musician, contacted me via YouTube and shared with me his original song and video about...yup, Julian Sands. He calls it "Prayer for Julian Sands" and presents is under his YouTube name of TurnpikeDown.

This one's pretty funny, on point, and on target! So without further adieu, let's bow our heads down and say a "Prayer for Julian Sands."

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