Sacha Baron Cohen to Invade Oscars as "Dictator?" 

Is Sacha Baron Cohen set to pull off his biggest stunt in Hollywood's biggest night? The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively saying that the "Bruno" star wants to attend the Academy Awards dressed up as his character in "The Dictator." But the big question -- will the Academy let him?

I think they should!

The comedian is invited to attend the Oscars for his role in the Academy Award-nominated film "Hugo" where he played a train station agent. Truth be told, just alter his "Hugo" outfit just a bit and it will look like his costume for "The Dictator."

Paramount, the Academy, and Cohen's reps declined to comment, but you can read the whole story right here.

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Amanda Seyfried Talks About "Gone" and Teases Us About "Lovelace" and "Les Miserables!" 

Amanda Seyfried has gone from a musical ingenue in "Mamma Mia!" to a hapless woman looking for her sister's abductor in the female-centric thriller "Gone." She plays Jill, a normal student whose life turns for the worse when her sister is taken by a serial killer. The problem is, Jill thinks he's the same serial killer who abducted her before but no one wants to believe her, not even the police. They all think she's crazy. Tan dan dan...

I sat down with the actress to talk about:

*** her attraction to making "Gone"
*** the script by Allison Burnett
*** what attracted her to Jill
*** women as natural nurturers
*** driving a real mean SUV -- and doing her own driving stunts
*** "Lovelace" and her throat! HA!
*** her excitement to work as Cosette in "Les Miserables"

Have fun!

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Exposing Tyler Perry! He Talks About "Good Deeds," "Alex Cross," the New "Madea," and Finding His True Identity 

Tyler Perry feels exposed! In his new movie “Good Deeds,” he is not wearing any old woman make-up ala Madea but he’s showing his real self. He says this character is the closest that he has ever played in a movie. And good news Alex Cross fans, he says he did “Good Deeds” as a preparation for “Alex Cross.”

In this interview, we talked about:

*** His interest in making “Good Deeds”
*** The challenges of making a romantic drama
*** His chemistry with his female leads including Gabrielle Union and Thandie Newton
*** Mrs. Claire Huxtable is his mommy!!!!
*** Paying homage to Richard Marx and his song, “Right Here Waiting” in the film
*** The music that he used in the movie
*** He shows his moves in the film
*** “Alex Cross” and what we can expect!
*** His chemistry in the film with Gabrielle Union
*** The crux of “Good Deeds” is about finding your own identity, has he found his true identity yet?
*** The new “Madea” movie, “Witness Protection”

Have fun!

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Gabrielle Union Talks About Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds," Her Failed Marriage, and Her Passion! 

I love love love Miss Gabrielle Union! Sweet, fun, smart, passionate! I’ve loved her since “Bring It On,” and in the new movie, “Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds,” she creates palpable chemistry with her co-star. Simply put, Miss Gabrielle adds class to any movie she’s in!

In this interview, we talked about:

*** Making her character not a typical “bitch” in a cinematic love triangle
*** Adding humility to her character, Natalie
*** What’s her passion?
*** Her failed marriage to Chris Howard
*** Her chemistry with Tyler Perry and the resolution of their relationship
*** Working with Perry as writer, producer, director, and co-star
*** She exudes passion!

Have fun!

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Thandie Newton Interview for TYLER PERRY’S GOOD DEEDS 

It’s always lovely to see Miss Thandie Newton. She’s down-to-earth and fun! In the new film “Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds,” she stars as Lindsey Wakefield, a down-on-her-luck mother whose life is about to change upon meeting Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry).

In this interview, we talked about:

*** What’s her attraction to making “Good Deeds?”
*** Her chemistry with Tyler Perry
*** Perry not wearing any make-up (old woman or man or otherwise) for the role of Wesley Deeds
*** Working with Jordenn Thompson, the young actress who plays her daughter in the film

Have fun!

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