"Warm Bodies" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer Get? 

Many films try to mix horror and comedy. It’s hard to do! For every “Zombieland” or “Shaun of the Dead,” we get some unsuccessful films like the recent “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.” Now, “Warm Bodies” from writer/director Jonathan Levine tries to add another genre to the action/thriller formula – romance. Yup, “Warm Bodies” is a zombie love story based on Isaac Marion’s novel. Starring Nicholas Hoult as R, the zombie who wants to connect, and Teresa Parker as Julie, the human girl our zombie hero falls in love with. So did the film’s mixture of genres work? And how many kisses does “Warm Zombies” get? Take a look:

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About a Boy -- Nicholas Hoult Talks About “Warm Bodies” 

Nicholas Hoult is a very intriguing actor. He has the gravitas to pull off dramatic scenes yet can also deliver funny lines. We’ve known this about him since 2002’s “About a Boy” where he co-starred with Hugh Grant as Marcus Brewer and now, Hoult is back to using his comedic and dramatic chops in the funny-creepy-romantic zombie love story “Warm Bodies.” In this interview, we talked about:

*** The script by Jonathan Levine
*** In this day and age of “Walking Dead” it’s nice to finally give zombies a voice!
*** His connection to his character R
*** His palpable chemistry with Teresa Palmer (who plays his girlfriend in the movie) and Rob Corddry (his zombie BFF)
*** His character’s transformation

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Teresa Palmer Talks About “Warm Bodies!” 

I love Teresa Palmer! The down-to-earth Australian actress has been slowly making a name for herself starring in movies like “Take Me Home Tonight,” “I Am Number Four,” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” She is the main lead in the upcoming film “Warm Bodies” where Palmer stars as Julie, the human that the zombie R falls in love with. In this interview, we talked about:

*** “Warm Bodies” is funny, creepy, and smart…and romantic
***What attracted her to her character Julie
*** She didn’t read the book – she went into making the movie headlong
*** Zombie as a metaphor for isolation
*** We’ve lost touch in being human
*** The film’s great soundtrack – amazing music!
*** If the world is going to end, what would be her end song?
*** What does she want the audience to feel after watching “Warm Bodies”

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Dave Franco Talks About “Warm Bodies” -- Yes, He's James Franco's Brother! 

Dave Franco, James Franco’s brother, is determined to follow his sibling’s footsteps. Not the matinee idol thing, but the Renaissance man thing. Dave, not only is pursuing acting, he also has his eyes set on becoming a director someday. He’s already made some comedy bits currently seen on FunnyAndDie.com with some clips starring his big brother James. And plus points for the actor for loving Palm Springs, my hood! In this interview, we talked about:

*** He loves The Parker – tragically hip
*** My favorite part of Warm Zombies
*** What made him want to be R’s lunch?
*** Director Jonathan Levine’s films
*** His passion to be a director – just like his brother James Franco
*** Working on the set
*** His character’s arc
*** His Funny or Die videos

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“Warm Bodies” Interview with Rob Corddry – He Taught Me How to Groan Like a Zombie! 

Rob Corddry (“Children’s Hospital,” “Happy Endings”) is one funny guy. The comedian has a knack for stealing scenes much like in the new movie, “Warm Bodies.” This one’s based on Isaac Marion’s novel and it tells the love story between Julie and R who just happens to be a zombie. Corddry stars as R’s BFF, M, and he emerges as the heart of the movie. In this interview, we talked about:

*** His character M
*** What attracted him to making “Warm Bodies”
*** What’s in Jonathan Levine’s script attracted him?
*** His chemistry with Nicholas Hoult
*** How to groan like a zombie
*** Eating the brain to feed off the memory of the person
*** Comparing the movie to the novel

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