"Race to Witch Mountain's" Director's New Project! 

Walt Disney Studios, happy with the success of "Race to Witch Mountain," has hired the film's director, Andy Fickman, for another family adventure extravaganza.

Fickman will be directing a big screen adaptation of "Monster Attack Network," a graphic novel about giant monsters attacking a beautiful Pacific island.

Scott Elder and Josh Harmon are writing the script and Jason Netter is producing.

No word yet on whether Dwayne Johnson, Fickman's perennial partner-in-crime ("The Game Plan," "Race to Witch Mountain") will star.

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"Race to Witch Mountain" Wins Box-Office Race! 

I enjoyed "Race to Witch Mountain" and apparently, you lovely readers, agreed with me! The Walt Disney remake of "Escape to Witch Mountain" debuted at No. 1, earning $25 million! (Check my interviews with the cast right here)

Many film critics turned up their noses at this Dwayne Johnson vehicle, but why? It's a harmless, fun, entertaining flick that brought back memories of my childhood :happy

Previous No. 1 film, "Watchmen" fell 67% from its opening weekend, earning $18.1 million in ticket sales! Its 10-day today? $86 million, quite a ways away from its reported $125 million budget!

Meanwhile, another remake, "The Last House on the Left," didn't do as good! The Universal/Rogue production opened at No. 3 with a far-below-expectations gross of $14.7 million.

Here's the complete Top 10 Box-Office list for weekend of March 13th:

1 Race to Witch Mountain Buena Vista $25.0
2 Watchmen Warner Bros $18.1
3 The Last House on the Left Universal $14.7
4 Taken Fox $6.7
5 Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail Lionsgate $5.1
6 Slumdog Millionaire Fox Searchlight $5.0
7 Paul Blart: Mall Cop Sony $3.1
8 He's Just Not That Into You Warner Bros. $2.9
9 Coraline Focus $2.7
10 Miss March Fox Searchlight $2.4

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If You Can't Wait for the"Wonder Woman" Film, Check out the New DC Comics DVD Instead! Trust Me, You'll Love it! 

So after watching a horrible superhero film ("Super Capers"), my brain needed some good nutrition! So I picked up a copy of the new "Wonder Woman" animated DVD from DC comics.

DC has been releasing straight-to-video DVDs featuring the likes of Superman and Batman. I enjoyed “Superman: Doomsday,” “Justice League: The New Frontier,” and “Batman: Gotham Knight,” so I gave "Wonder Woman" a chance!


It's an origin story about Princess Diana and her invisible plane, and how she becomes the bridge between Paradise island, Themyscira, (female) and the new world (male).

The feminism tone may sound overhanded, but it's not! By the end of the film, you will clap and root for these Amazons, or as one woman character defines them "armored super models."

Kerri Russell provides the voice of Diana/Wonder Woman and Nathan Fillion stars as Steve Trevor. Even Doc Ock, Mister Alfred Molina, shows up for the voice of Ares, the god of war!

"Wonder Woman" is well-written with a breakthrough pace. It's constructed well, and the animation is on par with the earlier DC Comics release.

Trust me, when you watch this animated film, you will imagine it as a feature movie, and then you'll be excited for a planned "Wonder Woman" film...if we ever see one!

So for now, to satisfy your taste for all things "Wonder Woman" (yes I love her! And I adore the original "Wonder Woman" Miss Lynda Carter!!!), grab a copy of this DVD and enjoy!

And no, I'm not under the spell of the magical golden lasso!

I'm telling the truth :happy

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I Did a Super-Dumb Mistake! I Thought I Was Watching "Monsters VS. Aliens," I Ended Up Seeing "Super Capers" Instead! 

So I drove two hours to LA yesterday, thinking I was watching "Monsters VS. Aliens," but lo and behold, I had the date wrong! It's for next Saturday, the 21st!

The movie showing yesterday was "Super Capers" a B-movie superhero flick that at its best, is the anti-"Watchmen."

The good thing about the film? Well, the filmmakers knew that they're making a campy (short hand for bad) film. But dudes, I'm all for camp and everything, but "Super Capers" lost its momentum from the opening credits.

Justin Whalin stars as Ed Gruberman, a superhero wannabe who is sent to train with real caped crusaders by a mysterious judge (Michael Rooker). Gruberman learns to be a superhero and solves the mystery of his childhood.

That may sound interesting, or probably, I just presented it well HA!, but "Super Capers" is a comedy with very, very few laughs, uninteresting setups, and predictable subplots!

The best part of the film? Seeing Adam West as Manbat, YEAH, Manbat, driving his 60s batmobile from the original "Batman" TV show. And I pity Tom Sizemore, relegated to caricature as a corrupt attorney.

So lessons learned, check the date of the media screening before wasting 2 hours of your time! Now I'm really dying to see "Monsters VS. Aliens" next Saturday, the 21st, yes I checked!

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The Lovely Keira Knightley Opens Up About "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" and "My Fair Lady" 

I adore Keira Knightley! She's an impressive, young actress who continues to make interesting films. So, I'm just sharing these two golden nuggets of information about the actress.

Knightley, interviewed by Moviefone, revealed her thoughts on "Pirates of the Caribbean 4," and "My Fair Lady."

Will you be taking your voice out for another spin in the musical remake of 'My Fair Lady'?

Hopefully -- fingers crossed. I auditioned for it about two years ago, and I think it's been a matter of trying to assemble the correct team to do it that is going to make as interesting a movie and as good a movie as possible. There are good whispers going around, you know, and hopefully they'll come to fruition.

Johnny Depp is in for 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' -- do you have any interest in playing Elizabeth Swann again?

It was a completely fantastic experience, and it was an amazingly large portion of my life, but I don't think I need to go there again. I think that it's done. But I'm very excited to see the next one. And he is so wonderful in that character. I think it'll be wonderful.

Great decision on not doing "Pirates 4." I think the franchise came to a screeching halt with the third one. So unless the filmmakers can come up with a creative twist, "Pirates" may have reached at world's end.

I'm now looking forward to seeing Knightley singing "The Rain in Spain!" I think she has that good old, Audrey Hepburn charm!

Check out her complete interview right here.

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