Say What? Bruno Offered Ron Paul Hot, Passionate Gay Sex!  

Oh the things Sacha Baron Cohen will do for the sake of art! And, oh the things a politician will do for the sake of getting elected!

When the two meet, well, gay sex galore! Well, not quite.

As you may have heard, Cohen is busy adapting another character from his HBO show, this time, it's the gay Austrian Bruno! Picture "Borat" as a gay Austrian and you'll get the drift.

So the 20 minutes of the film was screened at South by Southwest, and apparently, there was a five-minute scene where Bruno seduces Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The premise of the film, which is being released July 10th of this year, tells the story of Bruno, a flamboyant TV host whose show gets canceled in Austria, so following his own version of the great American dream, he heads to the US to try to resurrect his career.

Sounds very "Borat-like" right? But I'm a big fan of Cohen, and his characters' misadventures, so I'm so there!

You want to read the scene-by-scene spoiler of what happened when Bruno meets Ron Paul? Take a lookie here.

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"Dante's Inferno" -- from Videogame to the Big Screen 

Dan Harris, the guy who co-wrote "X-Men 2" and "Superman Returns," has been hired by Universal Pictures to adapt the videogame "Dante's Inferno" for the big screen!

The Electronic Arts game gives players the opportunity to journey through the depths of hell. HA! So expect to see a hell-inspired theme with this live-action film version.

And just FYI, another videogame Universal is also developing is "Army of Two." Have you played this game? It was a bit confusing, I got stuck in just the first phase :huh

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South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival Winners 

The SXSW Film Festival explores distinguished filmmaking from provocative documentaries to subversive Hollywood comedies. The event is going on right now until March 22nd in Austin, Texas.

Check their official website right here.

Here's the not-so-complete list of the SXSW film festival winners (some winners will not be announced until Friday):

Feature Jury Awards


Winner – 45365
Director: Bill Ross

Honorable Mention – The Way We Get By
Director: Aron Gaudet

Winner – Made in China
Director: Judi Krant

Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast – That Evening Sun
Director: Scott Teems

Audience Awards


Winner – Motherland
Director: Jennifer Steinman

Winner – MINE
Director: Geralyn Pezanoski

Winner – That Evening Sun
Director: Scott Teems

Winner – To Be Announced on Friday, 3/20

Winner – To Be Announced on Friday, 3/20

Special Jury Awards


Best in Show – The Dungeon Masters
Director: Keven Macalester
Designer: David Plunkert, Spur Design, LLC


Winner – Made in China
Director: Judi Krant

Winner – Sister Wife
Director: Jill Orschel

Shorts Jury Awards


Winner – Thompson
Director: Jason Tippet

Special Jury Award – Happy 95 Birthday Grandpa
Director: Gary Huggins

Winner – Shaman
Director: Luc Perez

Special Jury Award – Sweet Dreams
Director: Kirsten Lepore

Winner – Cattle Call
Director: Matthew Rankin & Mike Maryniuk

Special Jury Award – The Idiot Stinks
Director: Helder Sun


Winner – Thunderheist, “Jerk It”
Director: That Go-Noel Paul & Stefan Moore

Special Jury Award – Fleet Foxes, “White Winter Hymnal”
Director: Sean Pecknold

Jury Special Mention – New Pornographers, “Myriad Harbor”
Director: Fluorescent Hill

Winner – Performance Evaluation
Director: Breannah Gibson

Special Jury Award – TIE
Fresh Fruit
Director: Edward Kelley & Brenden Cicoria


A Hospital Bathroom
Director: Miguel Johnson

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Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman Team Up for a Movie with the Longest Title...Ever! 

The title of the book by Leanne Shapton is a tongue-twister ""Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry." It has just been published by Farrar Straus & Giroux.

Well, the book rights was auctioned off Tuesday night, and Paramount won! So now, Pitt's Plan B shingle is producing the adaptation with Portman's Handsomecharlie Films.

The plot, according to Variety, is:

The book takes the form of Sotheby's-like estate auction catalog, with 325 entries and photographs depicting items that reveal the private moments and the rise and fall of a four-year relationship between the fictitious couple Hal Morris (a 40ish photographer) and Lenore Doolan, (a New York Times food columnist in her late 20s).

Aw, tracing one couple's love through auctioned items. Pitt is attached to play Hal and Portman is going to star as Leonore. Hal and Leonore, in a romantic comedy!

And isn't it ironic that Paramount won this auction-inspired book at an auction?

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Who Should Play "Thor?" Meet the Wannabes! 

"Thor" the movie, already has an opening date (June 17, 2011) but still no lead! Kenneth Branagh is now attached to direct the film, and is working mighty hard to cast his Norse god!

So who have been mentioned for the lead role?

First, we have Josh Hartnett. Why is there a big push to cast him? I have no idea, but apparently, Branagh is considering him for either the role of Thor or his nemesis, Loki.

Then, we have a bunch of unknowns! And I'll post their mini-bio from IMDB, okay? And keep in mind, these actors are all being tossed around for the role of Thor.


Charlie Matthew Hunnam was born in Newcastle, England on April 10, 1980. At 16 years of age, he made guest appearances in the popular TV series "Byker Grove" (1989).

Perhaps his most famous television role has been that of the love-smitten Nathan Maloney in "Queer as Folk" (1999). Independent movies, television series and auditions for such blockbusters as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) followed, but it wasn't until 2002 that Charlie started to attract international attention, when he starred alongside Katie Holmes in the suspense thriller Abandon (2002).

His next lead role was in Nicholas Nickleby (2002) and, more recently, he starred alongside Jude Law in the drama Cold Mountain (2003).


There's not a whole lot of info for him from IMDB but click this link for his credits. Yeah, he also has a "Nicholas Nickleby" connection!

Then, ALEXANDER SKARSGARD (my favorite among the choices)

You may have seen him from HBO's "True Blood!" He's perfect for the part don't you think? Here's his bio from IMDB, oh, and yes, they listed him as rumored for "Thor" on the site:

Not comfortable with being a celebrity at such an early age, Alexander decided to quit acting. During almost eight years he turned down every offer he got. Instead he studied Political Science, did his Military service in the Marines and intended to study at an school of architecture in Stockholm. But in 1997 his longing for acting grew to strong and he enrolled at Marymount Theatre School in New York City.

The interest for Alexander Skarsgard outside of Scandinavia has grown rapidly over the last few years, and he has recently signed with the agency Endeavor in Los Angeles and New York and with Markham & Froggatt, Britains most acclaimed agency, to represent him in Europe. He can already be seen in big international movies such as "Zoolander" "The Last Drop" and "Revelations".

Made his debut in Allan Edwalls award winning drama "Ake och hans varld" in 1983. Worked frequently as a child actor during the 80s and became a huge teenage star when he played "Jojo" in Rumle Hammerichs "Hunden som log" in 1989.

When he came back to Sweden after two years in New York it didnt take him long to land his first part as a grown up (in Christina Olofssons "Happy End" 1999). Since then he has done over fifteen movies in Scandinavia and is today one of Swedens most beloved stage and screen actors.


He's going to be in Sylvester Stallone's "The Expendables." Check his credits right here.

And finally, JOEL KINNAMAN

Check his profile right here.

But then, I also heard that the lovely Natalie Portman is in talks, no, not to star as "Thor" but for the female lead :happy

Hhhhhmmmmm, as far the Thor role, so many choices, all interesting, but my heart belongs to Skarsgard. And whatever happened to the rumor once upon a time that maybe, perhaps, Brad Pitt was considering the role? Oh well....

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