New Emerging Talent -- Meet J.C. Calciano and his "Is It Just Me?" 

I met Mr. J.C. Calciano during the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival, where his film, "Is It Just Me?" had its world premiere. "Is It Just Me?" was put under the banners of the John Schlesinger Award and World Cinema Now -- celebrating diversity in humanistic storytelling. Not bad for a first-time filmmaker!

While Calciano is making his feature debut, he's hardly a newbie in the business. He earned an associate producer credit for 1996's "Mission Impossible," as well as running the new media division of Melanie Griffith's One World Networks, and being the former head of production for Tom Cruise's C/W Productions at Paramount Pictures. (Check his IMDB page right here, and an in-depth interview with him right here)

I'm so glad that Calciano shared his film with me. Inundated with watching blockbuster films, seeing "Is It Just Me?" was a treat. The film tells the story of Blaine (Nicholas Downs) and his quest to find Mr. Right. He’s a clever, witty, but miserable young man who believes that suffering nourishes his creativity.

But all of that is about to change when Blaine stumbles upon Xander (David Loren) in an online chat-room. It seems like a match made in heaven until Blaine realizes that he’s been chatting with Xander using the online profile of his go-go dancer roommate (keyword: hot) played by Adam Huss.

“Is It Just Me?” is a fine and funny romantic comedy with a great big heart! It’s a smart love story about finding our one true love and the lengths we have to go through to succeed.

Writer/director Calciano proved that he’s adept in balancing the romance and the comedy, which is a hard thing to do! The cast is game, and I enjoyed their vibrant repartees.

So I’m glad I checked out “Is It Just Me?,” it brightened my day!

For more on the film, check its official website right here. "Is It Just Me?" is headed to the Newport Beach Film Festival April 22 - 29. It recently won the best feature award at the Detroit indie film festival! But the best part? Mr. J.C. will be forever featured in our Emerging Talent section right here :happy

And here’s the film’s trailer:

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R.I.P. -- Corey Haim 

Actor Corey Haim is dead at 38. is saying his death is due to accidental drug overdose. The perennial screen partner of Corey Feldman, the actor was found unresponsive in an Oakwood apartment and pronounced dead at Providence St. Joseph's Medical Center at 2:15 a.m. According to KTLA, his mother was in the apartment at the time.

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"Remember Me" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does Robert Pattinson Get? 

Confession Time – I was never a fan of Robert Pattinson. I am basing that assessment on the actor’s most famous role to date, the lovelorn vampire Edward in the “Twilight” films. I thought he delivered wooden performances in both movies.

But after watching Pattinson in the new film “Remember Me,” I can now honestly say, I’m intrigued by this actor. He carried the movie from its shaky start to its heart wrenching conclusion. Read More...

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My Fun One-on-One Interviews with "She's Out of My League" Cast! It's Raunchy, It's Funny! 

First off, I truly laughed my booty off watching "She's Out of My League!" It's a feel good romantic comedy with a raunchy twist! Plus, it's nice to see Jay Baruchel morphing into a leading man, and getting a Hard 10 girl to boot -- Ms. Alice Eve!

I attended a press junket in New York City for "She's Out of My League," and I was so thankful! It's a fun movie, and the entire cast was sweet! So shameless plugging, don't forget to watch "She's Out of My League" this Friday, March 12.

Here are my fun interviews. First stop, Jay Baruchel

*** We talked about his involvement with the film, how it's nice to see the skinny kid from "Knocked Up" star in a leading man role.
*** Baruchel said that his role is very similar to Lloyd Dobler from "Say Anything," to which I retorted, he's missing his boombox, BUT, he did have a hungry dog :happy
*** What's a moodle?
*** The film's "Beauty and the Beast" angle
*** Working in Philadelphia
*** Baruchel is having a magical year!

Then, we have the girls, Alice Eve and Krysten Ritter, we talked about:

*** Their roles, Alice as Molly and Krysten as Patty
*** Eve called the romantic comedy genre the chocolate of the film world!
*** Ritter's character -- the last time I spoke with her was for "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
*** "She's Out of My League" is a Hard 10 of a movie, at least, Eve said so :happy

Then we have the super-funny troika of Mike Vogel, Lindsay Sloane, and Nate Torrence

*** This became a fun, free-for-all interview -- all three of them gave great, positive vibes that day!
*** We managed to talk about their characters, Mike as Jack, the yoda-like sex guru of the group, Lindsay as Marnie, the ex-girlfriend of Baruchel's character, and Nate is Devon, the childlike member of the group
*** Vogel confirmed his "Captain America" audition! He's got the good, old American boy looks, and I could see him as Steve Rogers aka Captain America!

HAVE FUN! :happy

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Watch the Super Top Secret "Tron Legacy" Trailer! 
Before "Alice in Wonderland" opened, there were only few fans invited to watch the new trailer for "Tron Legacy." Now, the trailer can be seen prior to watching the Tim Burton movie.

But if you're not going to watch "Alice in Wonderland," don't worry, you can catch the trailer right here folks! It's intriguing, moody, and atmospheric, using a father-son theme. The music is by Daft Punk, and according to THR, they wrote a score just for this trailer!

Take a look, and marvel at the sight of the recently-crowned Best Actor Oscar, Jeff Bridges, reprising his role from the original film as Flynn, the computer programming genius.

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