"Clash of the Titans" Set for Trilogy? 

This is good news for "Clash of the Titans" and Sam Worthington fans! Firstshowing.net exclusively learned that director Louis Letterier originally signed on to make a trilogy for Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures and has even written an entire story for all three movies!

Leterrier reveals that: "On top of that, I wrote two other movies… It was three movies. Warners came to me and said 'we'll greenlight your movie if you promise us [two more.]'" He continues, "You can tell that that story the story doesn't end at the Clash of the Titans… And I said 'thanks a lot' because I love doing that. And I had to write two stories. So Clash of the Titans is, and especially 'Titans' is, actually a bigger movie. So 'Titans' are coming." That extended story is exactly what Leterrier likes in his movie, too. "I actually love wanting more out of a movie," he says.

We always hear this news though. Before a big blockbuster opens, there's always talks about sequels and trilogies. But in the end, it's all about what people want, so if "Clash of the Titans" becomes a huge moneymaker, then Warner Bros. may move forward with the planned trilogy. I will post my review of "Clash of the Titans" very soon!

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"American Idiot" the Movie? 

"American Idiot" is not making its Broadway debut until April 20, but talks are already circulating that Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman want to turn the musical into a feature film, Deadline Hollywood Daily is exclusively reporting.

"American Idiot" uses the songs of Green Day to tell the story of three small-town guys. One joins the armed forces, one becomes a wayward junkie after moving to the city, and the other plays it safe and stays home and gets his girlfriend pregnant. Drama!

The latest Playtone Broadway-to-film project was "Mamma Mia!" from Universal, so it's likely that the shingle will offer the rights to the studio. But Universal is busy turning another musical, "In the Heights" into a big screen adaptation. The studio has hired Kenny Ortega to direct the project.

But honestly? What Universal needs to do is scrap everything and do a big-screen adaptation of "Wicked!" Now that will be, well, wicked!

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Get Ready for "Spy Hunter" the Movie! 

Warner Bros. has announced that its bringing the video game "Spy Hunter" to the big screen according to The Hollywood Reporter. The studio has hired Chad St. John to write the script for a feature adaptation.

In 1983, "Spy Hunter" was launched by Midway as an arcade game, and Hollywood has been wanting to turn it into a big-screen adventure since. Once upon a time, Universal attached John Woo to direct and Dwayne Johnson to star. But that was scrapped due to financial reasons. Then, director Paul W.S. Anderson tried to rev it up, but that also stalled.

Now, Warners, since it bought Midway for $33 million last July, is confident that they can turn it around into a profitable franchise. The studio has hired Dan Lin (one of the producers of "Sherlock Holmes") to produce with Roy Lee (he's setting up "Leonardo da Vinci and the Soldiers of Forever" for Warners).

The Hollywood Reporter further revealed that St. John is becoming a Warners favorite. He wrote the time-travel spec "The Days Before" for the studio, and he's currently writing the "Outland" remake and the action film "Motor City." St. John is also busy penning "Sgt. Rock."

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Where Will the Fourth "Austin Powers" Take Us? 

Jay Roach, the guy who gave us the three "Austin Powers" films and "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" was honored at ShoWest last week as the Comedy Director of the Decade.

Roach revealed to MTV News that actor Mike Myers is working on ideas for the fourth installment of the "Austin Powers" franchise. He said he "love those characters."

The comedy director of the decade was thankful for "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" for it opened up opportunities for him. So what's next for our favorite secret agent? "That's hard to say," Roach said to MTV News. "Somewhere you haven't thought of."

To watch the full interview with Roach, click here.

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Ben Stiller Talks About "Greenberg" and Confirms "Zoolander 2!!!" 

Ben Stiller was stoic but friendly in person. He was very proud of his new film "Greenberg." In this special interview, we talked about:

*** What attracted him to the project
*** Working with Noam Baumbach
*** His character, Roger Greenberg

In the start of our interview, you could hear squad cars in the background, to which I retorted, "There goes my ride."

We also talked about:

*** the "Greenberg" in our life
*** And "Zoolander" sequel! -- When I interviewed Stiller, the news that he's working on a script with Justin Theroux ("Iron Man," "Tropic Thunder") just broke, so 5 minutes later, he confirmed the news to me!

Yay! Watch my funny interview with Stiller, and watch "Greenberg" when it comes out March 26th:

Here's more "Greenberg" info from Yahoo:

Roger Greenberg, single, fortyish and at a crossroads in his life, finds himself in Los Angeles, house-sitting for six weeks for his more successful/married-with-children brother. In search of a place to restart his life, Greenberg tries to reconnect with old friends including his former bandmate Ivan.

Genres: Comedy and Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 47 min.
Release Date: March 19th, 2010 (limited)
MPAA Rating: R for some strong sexuality, drug use and language.
Distributors: Focus Features

Cast and Credits
Starring: Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, Rhys Ifans, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Chris Messina
Directed by: Noah Baumbach
Produced by: Lila Yacoub, Scott Rudin, Jennifer Jason Leigh

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