Theo James aka Four Interview for “Divergent” -- Yes, He's HOT! 

Yes, ladies, he’s hot in person! And utterly sweet as well! Theo James is fast becoming a star (he nearly stole the episode he’s in in PBS’ “Downton Abbey”) and many girls are swooning over him when they heard that he’s going to star as Four in the big-screen version of “Divergent.”

He is Tobias Eaton aka Four because of his four fears and he becomes Tris’ love. But that would be after he nearly tortured her because of the rigorous Dauntless training. In this interview, we talked about his interest in making the movie, his character, how he prepared, and what faction would he be in. Oh, he also loved my shoes!

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“Divergent” Interviews with Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer 

I love these two! They were fun to talk to – smart and gracious! Maggie Q stars as Tori in “Divergent,” the mysterious Dauntless member transfer from Erudite who gives Tris her test in preparation for the Choosing Ceremony. Mekhi is Max, one of the Dauntless leaders

Discover some “Divergent” secrets by watching this interview. “Divergent” opens in theaters on Friday, March 21st.

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“Divergent” Interviews with Christian Madsen and Ben Lloyd-Hughes 

Christian Madsen and Ben Lloyd-Hughes are rock stars! Actually, all the “Divergent” actors are rock stars! They’re fun to talk to like Madsen and Lloyd-Hughes. Madsen stars as Al and Lloyd-Hughes is Will, they are both Dauntless initiates. So what attracted them to working on “Divergent,” and how did they prepare for their respective roles? Take a look at my fun interview and the puns!

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“Divergent” Interviews with Miles Teller and Jai Courtney!  

Miles Teller kept on referring to me as “sunshine!” Perhaps it was because of my yellow shirt, or maybe it was my sunny attitude when I interviewed him before for “Footloose.” Regardless, he has always been a sweetheart and it was daunting (pun intended) to see him as a villain in “Divergent” as the cruel and antagonistic Peter.

Jai Courtney is Eric, an equally cruel and antagonistic character who is one of the Dauntless leaders. He gives Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) a hard time! Find out what attracted them to making the movie, and the real truth about Dauntless by watching my fun interview.

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“Divergent” Interviews with Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn! Meet the Priors! 

Meet the stars who played Tris and Caleb’s parents – the Priors! Ashley Judd is their mom, Natalie, and the wife of council member Andrew Prior (Tony Goldwyn). And truth be told, they’re the hearts of the movie, Natalie specifically. They’re the supportive parents of a Divergent! What are the themes of the movie that speak volumes to them the most, and what faction will they choose? Find out in my interview.

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