“Danny Collins” Interview with Bobby Cannavale 

Bobby Cannavale (“Chef,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Boardwalk Empire”) is great in the new movie “Danny Collins.” He plays Tom Donnelly, the estranged son of Al Pacino’s character. In this interview, we talked about his interest in doing “Danny Collins,” working with Pacino (they worked together in Broadway before for “Glengarry Glen Ross” where Cannavale played the part Pacino played in the film version), and achieving an affecting chemistry with his on-screen wife played by Jennifer Garner.

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“Danny Collins” Interview with Writer/Director Dan Fogelman 

I quite enjoyed “Danny Collins!” Writer/director Dan Fogelman created an affecting movie about redemption and second chances featuring a fantastic performance from Al Pacino, and pretty much, the whole ensemble including Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, and Bobby Canavale.

I sat down with Fogelman to talk about the movie, his inspiration, working with Pacino, and the cute kid who plays Pacino’s granddaughter, Giselle Eisenberg. Her name in the movie is Hope.

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Movie Reviews: “RUN ALL NIGHT” and “CINDERELLA” 

Two big films for you – we have “Run All Night” for action fans and “Cinderella” for the entire family. “Run All Night” has Liam Neeson returning with his “Non-Stop” and “Unknown” director, Jaume Collet-Serra. But if you think this is “Taken 4,” think again! See why “Run All Night” is much better than “Taken 2” and “Taken 3” combined!
We also have “Cinderella” from Walt Disney Pictures. This one’s from director Kenneth Branagh from a script by Chris Weitz (“About a Boy”). Lily Jones, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, and Cate Blanchett star.
Which one is my pick of the week? Watch my movies reviews of “Run All Night” and “Cinderella.”

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My Wrestling Match With “Russell Madness” 

“Russell Madness” arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray but what is it all about? Here’s the official synopsis:

The exciting action-packed adventure introduces 'Russell,' an adorable TALKING Jack Russell Terrier who accidentally becomes a professional wrestling superstar, on the way to discovering the true power...of family.

That’s right! A talking Jack Russell Terrier who becomes a wrestling superstar! So I summoned him to the ring, and here’s what happened:

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Why You Have to See "Crazy Beautiful You!" Plus, Balitang America's Gel Santos Relos' Fun Reaction! 

Kathniel aka Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are charming in the new movie "Crazy Beautiful You." How many kisses does the movie get and is it worth your time and money? Take a look at my review of "Crazy Beautiful You" below, and then, check out Gel Santos Relos' reaction right after my review (it's the video below after my review). Gel is the fantastic anchor of The Filipino Channel's Balitang America. So forget Kathniel, it's now Kathnny! HA! :tongue

"Crazy Beautiful You" Movie Review

Gel's funny reaction!

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