Move Over Miley, Zac Efron is New Tween Box-Office Fave! "17 Again" Rules! 

Zac Efron's "17 Again" unseats Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana the Movie" as the weekend's box-office champ! "17 Again" made $24.1 million, making it the No. 1 film in North America! Meanwhile, "Hannah Montana" fell to No. 4 with $12.7 million.

Efron joins the likes of Kevin James ("Paul Blart: Mall Cop"), Liam Neeson ("Taken"), Tyler Perry ("Madea Goes to Jail"), and Cyrus in changing the rules in Hollywood on who should take the box-office crown.

Meanwhile, Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck must settle for No. 2. Their flick, "State of Play," took in $14.1 million. But apparently, Universal Pictures is happy with its modest outcome.

Another new release, Lionsgate's actioner, "Crank: High Voltage" failed to match "Fast & Furious'" stellar box-office power. The Jason Statham sequel only made $6.5 million debuting at No. 6.

Here's the complete Top 10 box-office films for weekend of April 17:

1. "17 Again" $24.1 million
2. "State of Play" $14.1 million
3. "Monsters vs. Aliens" $12.9 million
4. "Hannah Montana the Movie" $12.7 million
5. "Fast & Furious" $12.2 million
6. "Crank: High Voltage" $6.5 million
7. "Observe and Report" $4.1 million
8. "Knowing" $3.6 million
9. "I Love You Man" $3.4 million
10. "The Haunting in Connecticut" $3.1 million

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Sean "Diddy" Combs to Star in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" spinoff! Really? 

This may sound like an April fool's joke, but the folks behind "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" just hired producer/rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs to appear in the spinoff to the comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Producer Judd Apatow and director Nicholas Stoller are titling the spinoff, "Get Him to the Greek" and will co-star "Marshall's" scene-stealer Russell Brand. Elisabeth Moss, Rose Byrne, and Jonah Hill are also set to co-star.

I've never looked at Combs as a comedian, nor a good actor (except for his turn in 2001's "Monster's Ball"), so I was scratching my head. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is going to be about:

In the film, Combs plays the role of "Sergio," an executive who owns a record label. Moss will play Daphne Binks, the girlfriend of Aaron Greenberg (played by Hill), while Brand plays an out-of-control rocker named Aldous Snow. Byrne will play Jackie Q, a scandal-ridden pop star and Snow's character's newest love interest.

Oh, so Combs is going to play a record label executive! What a stretch :happy

"Get Him to the Greek" is scheduled to be released April 2010.

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My Return to My Roots! The Filipino Channel Rocks! 

I visited The Filipino Channel last Friday and I had a blast! What's The Filipino Channel you may ask? Here's what Wikipedia says:

The Filipino Channel (TFC) is an international Filipino broadcasting service owned by the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. The network is currently available in North America, Australia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. It has more than 2 million subscribers in these regions. The channel is targeted towards Overseas Filipino and their families in the Philippines. The network airs a 24-hour lineup of shows produced by ABS-CBN, and is also backed by several other international direct-to-home services, branded under the TFC Direct name.

Otherwise known as TFC, one of its more popular programs is Balitang America, their long-running nightly newscast featuring the fantastic Gel Santos-Relos. Yours truly is featured there every Friday (check your local listing).

So last Friday, I visited TFC and I had a blast! I was live talking about "17 Again" and let me tell ya, I was welcomed by the TFC family with open arms and hearts.

Here's me getting ready for my hit.

Here's the beautiful Gel Santos-Relos, Balitang America's main anchor.

With their EP, Eric Pugeda, and the News Diva, Miss Ging Reyes.

With the TFC gang!

Goofing off with the TFC gang, the "jump"

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You've Read My Review, You've Seen My Interviews, Now Watch My Movie Review of "17 Again" 

Let me tell y'all, I've never been a big fan of Zac Efron, but with "17 Again," I'm now a believer! He carried that film from start to finish, and honestly? I was getting ready to hate the movie, but Zac saved it!

The film even inspired me to dig up my old yearbook photo, and wished I was 17 again :happy

Watch my movie review. If you want to read my full newspaper article on the film, click here, and my full interviews, they're right here.

Have fun, and think young and beautiful :happy

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Zac Efron, Matthew Perry Reveal Secrets about "17 Again." See My Fun One-on-One Interviews! 

I had a blast talking to the cast of "17 Again." And I was genuinely pleased with the film (read my review of "17 Again" right here)!

First stop, Zac Efron (the younger Mike O'Donnell) and "Reno 911's" Thomas Lennon who played Mike's super-rich nerd friend, Ned!

We talked about:

*** Their characters
*** What attracted them to the project
*** Who's the swordfighter? (there's a fun lightsaber duel in the film)
*** Will they go back in time to correct a mistake, and much, much more!

Take a look at my interview with Efron and Lennon:

Next stop, the lovely Leslie Mann (Scarlet) and Matthew Perry (the older Mike O'Donnell).

We talked about:

*** Their characters
*** What they were doing when they read the script
*** Leslie kissing Zac (Cougar Alert)
*** Will they go back in time to correct a mistake, and much, much more!

Here's my interview with Mann and Perry:

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