After Months of Speculation, We Have an Answer! Oliver Stone is Going to Direct "Wall Street" Sequel! 

Yes folks, it's still good to be greedy!

As we reported back in October, 20th Century Fox is moving forward with the sequel to "Wall Street" with Allan Loeb attached to write the screenplay.

Back then, we didn't know if Michael Douglas will reprise his role as Gordon Gekko or if Oliver Stone is going to return as the director.

Well, it's official folks! Douglas has already signed, and Stone will helm the sequel to his 1987 critical and commercial hit!

Shia LaBeouf is also negotiating to join the cast. Hhhhmmmmm, will Shia fill the "young Wall Street trader" shoes worn by Charlie Sheen in the original film?

This sequel will be very timely with all the economic meltdown news brought upon by greed and corruption.

So bring it on Stone and company!

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Why You Have to See "Nothing But the Truth" Right Now, and other New DVD Releases and Interviews with Stars! 

I love this film! The director, Mister Rod Lurie, emailed me about this movie last year, and I'm glad he did!

Kate Beckinsale is phenomenal as a Washington DC reporter who will do anything, even go to jail, to protect her source for an explosive story!

The directing is superb, and the payoff is satisfying! The plot twist in the end is unpredictable!

And speaking of Mister Rod, he's my inspiration! He was a former film critic who became a respected scriptwriter ("The Contender") and is now a multi-hyphenate (Producer, Actor, Writer, Director). Way to go Mister Rod, you're amazing :happy

So get "Nothing but the Truth" on DVD right now!

Also out on DVD:

"Bride Wars"

Kate Hudson interview for "Bride Wars"

Anne Hathaway interview for "Bride Wars"

"Bride Wars" movie review

"Hotel for Dogs"

"Hotel for Dogs" interview with Jake T. Austin and Emma Roberts

"Hotel for Dogs" movie review

Have fun! :happy

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Terrence Howard Feels the Pain of NOT Being Cast in "Iron Man 2!" What About Other Actors Ditched for Sequels? 

Months after, Terrence Howard is still reeling from being replaced in the sequel to "Iron Man 2." Once upon a time, there were plans to film Howard's Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes' alter-ego, the heroic War Machine.

But now, the plans may move on, without Howard, and with Don Cheadle instead!

Why? It's all about the Benjamins baby.

The LA Times is reporting:

Hell hath no fury like an actor scorned.

Anyone who's talked to Terrence Howard recently knows that the actor is still fighting mad six months after being replaced in the upcoming "Iron Man 2."

"It was a very, very bad choice," fumed Howard, who played Iron Man's Army buddy Lt. Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes in the first film, to Parade magazine about Marvel Studios' decision to reboot the part with Don Cheadle in the role. "You don't make $800 million and then try and shake everyone down. That's not nice," he said to MTV News, exaggerating the film's worldwide box-office gross by a mere $200 million. "It was the surprise of a lifetime," he told NPR. "There was no explanation. The contract just . . . up and vanished."

What about the other actors DITCHED for sequels after a film become successful?

Read on right here.

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"Clash of the Titans" Begins Shooting!!!! 

I'm so excited for this film! "Clash of the Titans" is one of my childhood touchstones and although there's a part of me that doesn't want it remade, I'm looking forward to seeing Director Louis Letterier's ("The Incredible Hulk") vision!

Look at all the exciting news about casting news we broke here, and here.

And here's more "Clash of the Titans" shooting day info from our pals at IGN:

Based on the 1981 film of the same name, written by the late Beverley Cross, Clash of the Titans is directed by Louis Leterrier from a screenplay by Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi (Aeon Flux), story by Travis Beacham (Dog Days of Summer) and Hay & Manfredi. The film is produced by Basil Iwanyk, who produced the drama We Are Marshall for Warner Bros. Pictures, and Kevin De La Noy, who last served as an executive producer on the studio's blockbuster The Dark Knight. The executive producers are Academy Award winner Richard D. Zanuck (Driving Miss Daisy), who most recently collaborated with Warner Bros. on the comedy hit Yes Man, and Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and William Fay, who have teamed with the studio on such hits as The Dark Knight and 300.

The behind-the-scenes team creating this mythical spectacle includes director of photography Peter Menzies, Jr. (The Incredible Hulk); production designer Martin Laing (Terminator Salvation); editor Vincent Tabaillon (The Incredible Hulk); Academy Award-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (Topsy-Turvy, The Dark Knight); Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor Nick Davis (The Dark Knight); Oscar-nominated prosthetics supervisor Conor O'Sullivan (The Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan); Academy Award-winning special effects and animatronics supervisor Neil Corbould (Gladiator); and Academy Award-winning makeup and hair designer Jenny Shircore (Elizabeth).

Clash of the Titans will begin filming in studios outside London and will later shoot in various locations in Wales and in the Spanish Canary Islands, predominantly on Tenerife, off the coast of Africa. Further aerial work is set to take place in the diverse locales of Ethiopia and Iceland.

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Moviegoers "Obsessed" with Beyonce's New Movie! "Fatal Attraction" Wannabe Flick Tops Box-Office! 

"Obsessed," a film not shown to critics in advance, defied gravity, and took the top slot, selling $28.5 million in ticket sales. The film, like many "Fatal Attraction" wannabes before it, is about a temp worker (Ali Larter) who's, well, obsessed with her boss (Idris Elba). The problem is, her hunk of a boss is married to the fierce Beyonce Knowles (or is it Sasha Fierce in this movie, I'm not quite sure).

Previous No. 1 flick, "17 Again" starring Zac Efron, fell to No. 2 with $11.7 million raising its 10-day total to $40 million.

Other new films didn't fare as well as "Obsessed." "Fighting" about a group of tough-as-nails dudes doing what they do best...fighting...opened at No. 3 with $11.4 million. BUT, "17 Again" and "Fighting" have box-office totals so close that we'll see Monday if their positions changed when final tallies come in.

Meanwhile, "The Soloist" starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. debuted at No. 4 with $9.7 million.

The best story of the box-office weekend? "Earth" by DisneyNature, debuted at No. 5 with $8.6 million, scoring the third best opening for a documentary, and the best ever for a nature film! Congrats Disney!

We'll now see how Disney is going to match their one-week box-office total by planting a tree per moviegoer! Stay Tuned...

Here's the Top 10 Box-Office list for weekend of April 24th:

1. "Obsessed," $28.5 million.

2. "17 Again," $11.7 million.

3. "Fighting," $11.4 million.

4. "The Soloist," $9.7 million.

5. "Earth," $8.6 million.

6. "Monsters vs. Aliens," $8.5 million.

7. "State of Play," $6.9 million.

8. "Hannah Montana: The Movie," $6.4 million.

9. "Fast & Furious," $6.1 million.

10. "Crank: High Voltage," $2.4 million.

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