"Bruno" Trailer is Here! Madness, Mayhem, High-Fashion, and African Babies! Oh Yeah, this is NSFW! 
I can't wait to see this movie! I loved "Borat" and I'm so looking forward to seeing his brother-in-arms (or is it sister-in-arms) in guerilla-ambush style of filmmaking! All for the sake of art, of course!

Sacha Baron Cohen is always a delight!

Take a look at the trailer for "Bruno!" By the way, the film comes out July 10!

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"Fast & Furious" and "Adventureland" Movie Reviews -- Which One is My Pick of the Week? 

Vin Diesel and co. return for the fourth installment of "The Fast and the Furious" franchise. This time, it's just called "Fast & Furious."

But is this action flick better than "Adventureland?" This is Kristen Stewart's follow-up to her mega-successful film "Twilight."

Find out which movie is my pick of the week!

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The Date is Set! When You Can See "Sex and the City 2" 

Save the date "SATC" fans! Warner Bros. and New Line will release the sequel on:

MAY 28, 2010

Wow! That's just a few sleeps away :happy

And for nostalgic reasons, and perhaps for lucky reasons too, the sequel has the same opening day as the original film in 2008.

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Aaron Eckhart to Join Nicole Kidman in "Rabbit Hole" 

Right now, Aaron Eckhart is negotiating to co-star with Nicole Kidman in the big screen adaptation of the Broadway play "Rabbit Hole."

Fox Searchlight is behind this exciting project.

My only question is the studio's choice for director. Look, I love "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and I can, perhaps, see the nuance of "Shortbus," but I've never deemed John Cameron Mitchell as a dramatic director.

But, more power to him for wanting to try, and bless Fox Searchlight for believing in him!

The plot? The lives of a happily married couple turn tragic when their 4-year old son died in a traffic accident. Drama! But there's some redemptive qualities to the project, and the play is a tearjerker!

The playwright, David Lindsay-Abaire, is writing the script.

This should be good!

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Film Lovers Unite! Why You Have to Visit filmannex.com Right Now! 

Film Annex and I are bffs! Why? Because they support independent filmmakers and its a platform for them to showcase their movies!

I support that 100%!

What is Film Annex about?

Film Annex is a global platform that enables you to promote, sell, watch, and review films. An online film promotion and distribution company as well as a networking platform for the film industry, Film Annex is home to a community of filmmakers, film enthusiasts, film companies, festivals, institutions, and organizations.

Plus you can have your own blogspace there, you can watch films, upload movies, etc.! It's a great FILM COMMUNITY!

I set-up my own blog there, and it's fun, fresh, free!

Go to their website right now www.filmannex.com/

And while you're at it! Read a great interview they did with yours truly! HA! Another self-congratulatory alert!

But all these words came from my heart, and I truly support a place where filmmakers are allowed to be creative!

As far as my interview? Here's an excerpt:

Whether you are a filmmaker or a frequent moviegoer, you must occasionally check to see if a movie was rewarded a glorious A or failed with a miserable F. Maybe you never see a film before you read about it first or choose to base your decision on the alphabetical ratings you see on your web browser. After all, letters mean something to all of us. Well, Manny the Movie Guy is different from the other film critics you know, and he thinks every movie deserves a kiss. A refreshing and unconventional critic, reviewer, and interviewer, Manny gets the best out of every movie he reviews and every artist he interviews. He asks questions that a regular moviegoer would like to know the answer to and never looses his sincerity and curiosity whether he is sitting across from Ron Howard or talking to an aspiring filmmaker.

F.A. How did you start your career as a film critic?

M. I’ve always been into films since I was back in Philippines. But I didn’t know that there was a critical way of looking at films until I went to school at Purdue University in Indiana. A professor of mine at Purdue introduced me to the world of film criticism, and from that moment I devoured every film known to men. Back then I was the entertainment editor and film critic for the school newspaper, which was known as the Purdue Chronicle – that was the early 90’s. But little did they know in 12 years, I would be doing this professionally.

To read more, take your mouse right here.

HAVE FUN!!!! :happy

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