"17 Again" Movie Review! How Many Kisses Does Zac Efron Get? 

Watching “17 Again” is similar to eating comfort food. You know it has absolutely zero nutritional value but you like it anyway. It helps when the twinkie in the middle is Zac Efron. “17 Again” celebrates the actor’s coming of age from a singing and dancing matinee idol to a full-blown movie star.

Efron leaves the “High School Musical” franchise just to return to high school in “17 Again.” A fun movie that unabashedly borrowed plot points from films such as “Big,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and “Back to the Future.” Read More...

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"Hell's Angels '69" Director, Lee Madden, Dies at 82 

Lee Madden, the guy who gave us the cult film "Hell's Angels '69," died of complications from pnuemonia. He was 82.

Many call Madden's famous film as the "The Citizen Kane" of biker films. And incidentally, Sony Pictures has been planning to remake the flick.

For more of Madden's life, click here, but for now, let's take the time machine and watch the original trailer of "Hell's Angels '69" in celebration of Madden's legacy.

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Magical "Nanny McPhee" Gets a Sequel! 

As we broke last week, Ralph Fiennes was in talks to work on an uncredited cameo in the upcoming "Nanny McPhee" sequel.

Well, it's now official! And the second installment is going to be called, "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang!"

Emma Thompson will reprise her role as the magical nanny, and joining her are Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans, Maggie Smith and Asa Butterfield ("The Boy in the Striped Pajamas").

Thompson will also work as the executive producer, and will write the script.

The plot of the film will revolve on a group of city kids who are forced to move to a farm during wartime.

Susanna White is set to direct, and the production is scheduled to start this summer.

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"State of Play" Interviews! A Passionate Russell Crowe! 




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McG's Next Project! A Musical! "Terminator Salvation's" Director to Helm "Spring Awakening" 

Right after he straightened out Christian Bale in "Terminator Salvation," McG will next face the music with "Spring Awakening" based on the well-revered Broadway show!

Here's some fun facts about "Spring Awakening" from wiki:

Spring Awakening is a Tony Award-winning rock musical with music by Duncan Sheik and book and lyrics by Steven Sater. The musical is based on the controversial 1891 German play of the same title by Frank Wedekind. Set in late-nineteenth century Germany, it concerns teenagers who are discovering the inner and outer tumult of sexuality. The original play was banned in Germany due to its portrayal of masturbation, abortion, rape and suicide. In the musical, alt-rock is employed as part of the folk-infused rock score.

I heard that McG is not asking for any studio backing because he doesn't want anyone meddling with his vision. Good for him!

Still curious about "Spring Awakening?" Here's a little snippet from when the cast visited David Letterman:

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