Signs Point to YUK -- Get Ready for "Magic 8 Ball" the Movie! 

Paramount, having been blessed with blockbuster toy-to-film properties like "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe," both from Hasbro toys, has extended its pact with Mattel, and it's seeing a "Magic 8 Ball" movie in its future!

Really? I can imagine what Paramount will be doing -- they'll do a "Big" inspired film where a boy goes on an adventure based on the fortune given to him, in this case, by the Magic 8 Ball!

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, "the deal is being put in place by Paramount Motion Picture Group president Adam Goodman, and will be produced by Brad Weston through his overall deal on the Par lot. Jon Gunn and John Mann will write the script. They wrote the DreamWorks Animation pic Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians."

I don't know, I ain't buying this one. My future says, avoid this movie at all costs!

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Fox Goes "Commando," Remake That Is 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is running out of franchises, so what is he going to do when this whole governator-thingie end? First, "Terminator" got "Salvation," then "Predator" becomes pluralized with "Predators" and receives the reboot treatment from Robert Rodriguez, now, Fox is going "Commando," the 1985 action flick.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, David Ayer has been attached to write and direct the remake which will be less brawny and more brainy. The hero of the reboot will be skilled in covert tactics and weaponry. Take that bad guys!

So after his term, Schwarzenegger still has a few possible properties to turn into franchises, like, say, "Kindergarten Cop" for example. :happy

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It's Official! Oscar-Winner Bill Condon to Direct "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" 

Three weeks ago, we revealed that Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls") was in serious negotiations to direct the fourth and final chapter of the popular "Twilight" franchise. (See "Dreamgirls" Director for the Last Two "Twilight" Movies? No Singing and Dancing Vampires and Werewolves!)

Now, according to Hitflix, it's confirmed! Condon is going to helm "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn."

So that's the good news! As I've said before, I think the "Twilight" franchise will benefit from a great storyteller like Condon, yes, even though he previously directed the dreaded 1995 flick "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh." Hey, they all have to start somewhere somehow.

Condon beat the likes of "Milk's" Gus Van Sant, and "Mean Girls" director Mark Waters to direct the fourth "Twilight."

In his "acceptance" speech, Condon said, "I'm very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life on-screen. As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book - and we're hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience."

BUT, Summit still hasn't confirmed if they will divide the last book into two films. The entire cast including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner do not have signed deals yet.

The bad news? Scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg is going to adapt "Breaking Dawn." Come on, I'm blaming Rosenberg for the lackadaisical book-to-film translations of the first two (okay, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt for the third), but if Summit wants to change the tone and mood of the franchise from film-to-film by hiring a new director, why not hire a new scriptwriter?

But you know, Condon won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for 1998's "Gods and Monsters" so the writer in him may guide the final chapter of "Twilight" to victory! I'm hoping...

Stephenie Meyer, author of the "Twilight" novels, has this to say about Condon's hiring: "I'm so thrilled that Bill wants to work with us. I think he's going to be a great fit, and I'm excited to see what he does with the material."

And Erik Feig, President of Production and Acquisitions, for Summit Entertainment added, "Bringing Stephenie Meyer's BREAKING DAWN to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity."


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"How to Train Your Dragon" Gets a Sequel and More! 

"How to Train Your Dragon" proved to be a fiery entry at the box-office that DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg revealed that a sequel is going to fly into the theaters during the second half of 2013.

But "How to Train Your Dragon" was deemed a no-sequel film in the beginning. When it was first released, even though it landed on No. 1, the animated adventure was deemed too weak for a possible sequel (the film failed to match "Monsters Vs. Aliens" debut same time last year -- "Monsters Vs. Aliens" $59.3 vs. "How to Train's" $43.3).

But after weeks hovering at the box-office, "How to Train" flew back atop last weekend, beating two new releases "The Back-Up Plan" and "The Losers." And right now, "Dragon" is very close to matching "Kung Fu Panda's" $215 million domestic box-office total ("Dragon" is at $180).

Hence, the inevitable sequel talks, but wait there's more! There's also a live arena show, a TV series, and an online virtual world according to Katzenberg.

But "Dragon" is not the only animated flick that's near and dear to DreamWorks, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The CEO also talked up "Megamind," saying the Nov. 5 release starring Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell will do for the superhero genre what "Shrek" did for fairy tales.

He said "Scared Shrekless" is set as a Halloween special this year, and an unnamed "Panda" holiday special will run between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But don't call it a "Christmas" special.

No word yet on whether the original "Dragon" cast will be back for the second film.

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Let's Talk About "Clash of the Titans" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Sequels, Shall We? 

Warner Bros. is prepping two major sequels, but both productions come with a price -- drama! According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, WB is moving ahead with sequel plans for "Clash of the Titans" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

For "Clash of the Titans," WB is reteaming with Legendary Pictures to give us part 2 of the Greek mythology action-adventure. And Warner Bros. wants to release the film as early as spring of 2012!

But original director, Louis Leterrier, will not be on board! But wait, I thought Leterrier wrote a "Clash" trilogy? Check this story where Leterrier said he wanted to tell the story in three parts! The director will still be involved with the sequel as an executive producer.

The good news is Sam Worthington will return as Perseus, and WB is currently looking for a writer and director who can magically make the sequel prior to Worthington's shooting of "Avatar 2." Really? "Avatar" sequel? Hhhmmmm.....

Apparently, Leterrier's departure was amicable, well it should be, he's still the executive producer, and the real reason behind the sequel? The film made around $390 million worldwide! But the big question -- will the sequel be finally shot in 3D rather than just being upconverted?

Moving on to "Journey to the Center of the Earth," New Line and Walden Media are planning a sequel with a possible release date around fall of 2011. BUT, the original director, Eric Brevig, is not attached!

Why? Because he's busy with another WB film, "Yogi Bear" in 3D!

But here's the deal, Deadline Hollywood revealed that "Fraser wants to be loyal to Brevig and is resisting New Line's suggestion of filmmakers like Brad Peyton." Why? It's not like "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was an earth-shattering masterpiece!

So New Line's alternative will have the sequel center around Josh Hutcherson's character, Fraser's son in the film.

Fraser's "Furry Vengeance" comes out this Friday, I will have my fun one-on-one interview with the actor very soon!

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