The First Trailer for the Final Harry Potter Is Here and I Love It! 
I can't wait for July 15 when the final chapter opens! I've read this book, and it's emotionally satisfying. Here's hoping the film version is as powerful!

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New "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" Pictures! 

Oh look! Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) enjoying a lovely conversation during their honeymoon breakfast on Isla Esme! Entertainment Weekly has shared with us these pics as the magazine unveil new photos not only of Bella and Edward, but of Jacob (Taylor Lautner) running dramatically in the rain after receiving THE wedding invitation, and the Denali clan attending the wedding.

So Twihards, be good little boys and girls and pick up a copy of Entertainment Weekly on Friday, it has dual covers that will satisfy Team Edward and Team Jacob!

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Are You Excited that Arnold Schwarzenegger May Return to "Terminator" Franchise? 

No? Yes? Lukewarm? Don't care? Well, whether you like or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to star in a rights package that will revive the "Terminator" franchise according to Deadline.

The Governator will once again don the leather dominatrix outfit he famously wore in the first three "Terminator" films, and will spout those corny but memorable one-liners. He's baaack, he said.

Tuesday afternoon, the CAA agency dropped the rights package to studios in hopes that one of them will be interested. Apparently, Universal, Sony, Lionsgate, and CBS Films are already looking hard at the package.

Previously, in the "Terminator" world, Sam Worthington stole the show from Christian Bale in the so-so "Terminator Salvation" from director McG. You remember Bale's rants in the film more than the plot of the movie. (Check out my "Terminator Salvation" interviews right here)

Let's see if this planned project will gain traction, but I for one, am kinda, sorta excited to see Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles. Hey, I'm a child of the 80s :tongue

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Who Will Be the Villainess in New "Superman?" And Will She Play the Great Ursa? 

Sarah Douglas memorably played the villainess Ursa in the first two "Superman" movies ("Superman" 1978 and "Superman II" 1980). With the new reboot from director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan, the interweb is abuzz about the possible inclusion of the character. And according to Deadline, German actress Antje Traue is in talks to star!

Michael Shannon has been hired to play General Zod (wonderfully played by Terrence Stamp in the original films), hence, everyone's thinking, perhaps hoping, that his fellow Big Bad, Ursa, will join in on the fun in tormenting our Man of Steel.

Traue recently starred with Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid in "Pandorum." If she gets the part, and if she nailed the role, big Hollywood offers will come flying in faster than a speeding bullet for the actress.

(Check out my interview with Snyder for "Sucker Punch" where he revealed the visual style he'll use for "Superman")

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Whip It! Are You Ready for a Futuristic "Zorro?" 

Six years ago, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and director Martin Campbell entertained us with the swashbuckler "The Legend of Zorro." But there's a new reboot in the works that will bring our masked avenger back to the future, well, more like a desolate and post-apocalyptic setting according to the LA Times.

The reboot is called "Zorro Reborn" and is being developed at Fox right now. In this new version, Zorro aka Don Diego de la Vega, is a one-man vigilante hell bent on revenge. So it's still using the Western tropes.

The project is in early stages but Rpin Suwannath is set to direct. Suwannath was in charge of visualizing art images for movies such as "X-Men," "Matrix," and "Chronicles of Narnia." Great! He's a visual artist, but can he tell a story?

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