Whip It! Are You Ready for a Futuristic "Zorro?" 

Six years ago, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and director Martin Campbell entertained us with the swashbuckler "The Legend of Zorro." But there's a new reboot in the works that will bring our masked avenger back to the future, well, more like a desolate and post-apocalyptic setting according to the LA Times.

The reboot is called "Zorro Reborn" and is being developed at Fox right now. In this new version, Zorro aka Don Diego de la Vega, is a one-man vigilante hell bent on revenge. So it's still using the Western tropes.

The project is in early stages but Rpin Suwannath is set to direct. Suwannath was in charge of visualizing art images for movies such as "X-Men," "Matrix," and "Chronicles of Narnia." Great! He's a visual artist, but can he tell a story?

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Gary Busey Sinks His Teeth in "Piranha 3DD" 

No, the "Celebrity Apprentice" star will not play one of the avenging piranhas, darn it! His role is still unknown, although, Elisabeth Shue, who tried so hard to add grace and class to the first film will not return. By the way, the new sequel is called "Piranha 3DD," yes that's double D y'all!

Here's the press release from The Weinstein Co:


Gary Busey is on board for PIRANHA 3DD now in production in Wilmington, NC.

As more potential fish bait, Busey joins the other cast members announced earlier this week including Danielle Panabaker (THE CRAZIES), Matt Bush (ADVENTURELAND), Chris Zylka (THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN), David Koechner (ANCHORMAN), Meagan Tandy (UNSTOPPABLE) and others.

PIRANHA 3DD shows its teeth in theatres nationwide on November 23, 2011. The feast is on this Thanksgiving.

About The Weinstein Company
The Weinstein Company (TWC) was created by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the brothers who founded Miramax Films Corporation in 1979. TWC is a multi-media company that officially launched on October 1, 2005. Dimension Films, the genre label that was founded in 1993 by Bob Weinstein, is also included under the TWC banner.

During the Weinsteins’ tenure at Miramax Films, the company released some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful independent feature films which received 249 Academy Award® nominations and won 60 Oscars®, and have generated billions of dollars in worldwide box office receipts and billions more in home video sales. In its history, Dimension Films has released some of the most successful franchises including Scream, Spy Kids and Scary Movie.

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Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg to Play Basketball? 

Mark Wahlberg and Justin Bieber are set to duke it out on a basketball court to see whose balls are bigger! Paramount is in talks with both stars for an untitled basketball drama.

Apparently, both Wahlberg and Bieber are avid basketball players and the one-time rapper turned Oscar-nominated actor saw the young pop star play ball during a celebrity game for NBA All-Star Game weekend.

Wahlberg was impressed with Bieber's basketball skills, so impressed that he pitched the idea to Paramount powers-that-be. According to Moviefone, the project is being described as "The Color of Money" meets "The Karate Kid." Really?

Okay, so let's predict the storyline -- Wahlberg will play an aging street basketball player who sees potential in the young street urchin to be played by Bieber. Wahlberg will have son issues, while Bieber will have poppa issues. They resist each other in the beginning, but when they decide to join forces together, magic happens! Bieber wins the basketball tournament. The End.

Predictable right? You know what would make this movie work? Make the two sing and dance together! :wink

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Jane Lynch and Larry David to Join "Three Stooges!" 

I think this news is quite heavenly! "Glee" star Jane Lynch is set to play a nun in the latest big screen incarnation of "The Three Stooges" from the Farrelly brothers. She will star as a Mother Superior who runs the orphanage where our baby Stooges grow up. According to Deadline, Lynch will co-star with Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, Will Sasso as Curly, and Sean Hayes as Larry.

But wait, there's more! EW is saying that "Curb Your Enthusiasm's" Larry David is in talks to also star in the comedy. It's in the early stages, but David and his longtime friends, the Farrellys, must make a decision soon because production starts in May.

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Goodbye Ryan Gosling, Hello Armie Hammer? "Social Network" Star in Talks to Join Johnny Depp in "Lone Ranger" 

Last week, we told you that Ryan Gosling was in talks to co-star in Disney's big screen adaptation of "The Lone Ranger" opposite Johnny Depp's Tonto. But sadly, Gosling was unable to join the Gore Verbinski-directed project because of scheduling conflicts.

Now, Deadline is saying that "The Social Network's" Armie Hammer is in early talks to star in the title role. Apparently, the story will center on Depp's character, which, as you may have guessed, would be an "unreliable narrator."

Can you imagine Hammer as the Lone Ranger? With a mask on? I think he would be perfect!

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