Sienna Miller Talks About “The Lost City of Z” and Her Powerful Character! 
Sienna Miller fought and lobbied hard for her role as Nina Fawcett in the upcoming “The Lost City of Z.” And she was absolutely right for falling in love with the character, Nina Fawcett, the supportive but ahead of her time wife of Percy (Charlie Hunnam). Take a look at my interview with Miller for “The Lost City of Z.”

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Director James Gray Explains “The Lost City of Z!" How He Almost Became Percy Fawcett! 
I regard James Gray as one of the most respected auteurs in American Cinema. From “Little Odessa” to “The Immigrant,” Gray has a unique storytelling voice. He challenges himself to making “The Lost City of Z” to the point of obsession! Take a look at my interview with Gray for “The Lost City of Z.”

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Why I Enjoyed "Going in Style!" See My Movie Review! 

Based on the 1979 Martin Brest classic starring George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg, the updated 2017 version has Zach Braff directing from a script written by Ted Melfi (“Hidden Figures,” “St. Vincent”) featuring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. Is “Going in Style” worth your time and money? Take a look!

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Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin Interview for “Going in Style” 
Have I told you how much I enjoyed “Going in Style?” It’s stylishly directed by Zach Braff, and the script by Ted Melfi (“Hidden Figures,” “St. Vincent”) has equal parts heart and laughter. Oh, and action! Take a look at my fun interview with the tres amigos as we talk about the making of the film, and the motivations for their characters.

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Zach Braff and Ann-Margret Interview for “Going in Style” 
I had a great time talking to these two! Zach Braff stepped behind the camera to helm while Ann-Margret stars as the only rose among the thorns, the love interest of Alan Arkin in “Going in Style.” Take a look at our fun interview!

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