“Unforgettable” Interview with the Diabolically Blonde Katherine Heigl 
This was my first time to sit down with the actress, and truth be told, I was nervous! I didn’t know what to expect! Is she mean? Is she nice? All the push and pull of thoughts running through my head. But then, I sat down with her, and she was so receptive and funny and sweet all rolled into one! She stars as Tessa, the diabolically blonde villainess in Denise Di novi’s “Unforgettable” opening in theaters April 21st! See my interview with the actress as we talked about the film, her character, and what would she do for love?

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My Fun Interview with the Sweet Rosario Dawson for “Unforgettable” 
This is another lovefest! Rosario Dawson is one of those folks that is so warm and welcoming that you will fall instantly in love with her! She stars as the heroine against the diabolically blonde Katherine Heigl in “Unforgettable.” We talk about her character there, and what lengths she would go for love, but we also chatted briefly about Coachella! She’s getting in the mood for one of the biggest music festivals in the world!

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“Unforgettable” Interview with Director Denise Di Novi 
We’ve seen Denise Di novi’s name in film credits many times before, normally attached as Tim Burton’s producer. But for the first time, Di novi tries her hand at directing the new drama/thriller “Unforgettable.” What made her take a stab at directing? Find out in my interview with Denise Di Novi for “Unforgettable.”

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“Unforgettable” Interview with Cheryl Ladd! I Told Her I Was a Charlie’s Angel Too! HA! 
I love me some Cheryl Ladd! I’ve been a fan since her “Charlie’s Angels” days, and it was quite an honor to meet the actress! She plays Katherine Heigl’s character’s mom in “Unforgettable,” and she is truly unforgettable! Take a look at my interview with Cheryl Ladd.

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“Unforgettable” Interview with Geoff Stults, the Man in Between Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson 
Geoff Stults deems he’s very lucky to be the reason Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson are fighting in “Unforgettable.” And in person, I can see the reason why! He’s smart, sweet, and hot in a daddy kind of way! HA! Take a look at my fun interview with Geoff Stults for “A Star is Born.”

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