Hollywood and Yours Truly Welcome Rising Actor Jon Lee Brody 

Jon Lee Brody's bio says he's "a 25-year old Eurasian Actor/Producer/Writer/Director. His upcoming film may be titled 'Reborn' but it may actually mark the birth of the new Hollywood 'It Boy'."

Mister Jon contacted me and I immediately warmed up to this super-ambitious but super-nice actor. I haven't met him officially, nor seen his original work but something inside of me thinks this guy will succeed.

Plus, props that he's from the Midwest too :happy

Brody has worked in films like "Eagle Eye" and "The Dark Knight," and TV shows such as "CSI: NY." In his IMDB page, Brody's popularity is up 5% this week! Wow!

Currently, the actor is working on a film called "Reborn" a suspense thriller that's supposed to have twists and turns similar to "Bourne Identity." Click Read More for more info about the film. Plus, see what movie Brody is working on that he says "will (yes i'm saying this on the record) give "Twilight" a run for its money!!" Really? We'll see about that :happy Read More...

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Winners at Cannes Critics' Week 

Nassim Amaouche's "Goodbye Gary" and Caroline Strubbe's "Lost Person's Area" took top honors at the 48th Critics' Week at Cannes.

Journalists and critics vote for the awards right after the screenings and they give the Grand Prix award to "Goodbye Gary," a drama about a post-industrial town destroyed by the closure of its last factory.

The film will be released in France in July. The Gary in the title is an homage to icon Gary Cooper.

Here's the complete list of winners at the 48th Critics' Week:

"Goodbye Gary," Nassim Amaouche (France)

"Lost Persons Area," "Caroline Strubbe (Belgium- Netherlands-Hungary)

"Whisper With the Wind," "Shahram Alidi (Iraq)

"Whisper With the Wind,"

"Whisper With the Wind"


"Seeds of the Fall," Patrick Eklund (Sweden)

"Logorama," Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy, Ludovic Houplain (France)

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Watch My "Terminator Salvation" Movie Review 

Alright, I enjoyed "Terminator Salvation." It's a popcorn flick, and I viewed it as such. Other critics were looking for cinematic excellence from this film, I was looking for explosions!

And boy, did we get them!

Read my written review of "Terminator Salvation" right here, and watch my fun one-on-one interviews with the cast right here.

Here's my "Terminator Salvation" movie review:

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I Flew Up, Up, and Away for Disney/Pixar's Upcoming, Fantastic Adventure "UP" 

I went to Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA for their upcoming flick "Up."

I love this film, and I will post my interviews with director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera, Jordan Nagai (voice of Russell), and the talented Ed Asner (voice of Carl Fredericksen).

I will also post my review of "Up" very soon. Anyway, I just want to share with you some fun photos!

They strapped a sofa on a multitude of balloons, then they strap me, and let me fly, fly, fly! Yay!

I LOVED IT! I did all my segment stand-ups while I was up in the air! Take a look:

*** getting ready to fly

*** almost there

*** not afraid of heights at all

*** clutching the stuffed toy Dug while holding for my dear life :happy

And here's the video to the tune of Fifth Dimension's "Up, Up, and Away" :happy

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When Will You Be Able to See Michael Moore's New Documentary? 


As we told you last year, Michael Moore is working on a new documentary about the global economic meltdown.

Overture Films and Paramount Vantage, co-financers of the untitled film, noted that the release date is one year and one day after the U.S. Senate voted to approve a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.

Moore asked Wall Street's help for his documentary on his website. He posted an email begging insiders to tell their stories.

Like many Moore's films, this one will be a comical look "at the corporate and political shenanigans" that the filmmaker is calling "the biggest robbery in the history of this country."

Whatever you think of Moore as a person, I adore him as a filmmaker. He's made some incendiary but thought-provoking films about the auto industry ("Roger & Me"), gun control ("Bowling for Columbine"), 911 ("Fahrenheit 911") and health care ("Sicko").

So I'll be lining up October 2nd!

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