Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin" Gets a Release Date! BUT We Have to Wait for, um, a Long Time! 

We have to wait a year and a half before we can see Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn." International audiences will get the chance to see the movie first before the U.S. folks.

The film will be released in U.S. theaters on Dec. 23, 2011.

(For the production of the film, click here)

But the movie will launch internationally in late October and early November 2011. Why do international moviegoers get to see the film before Americans? Variety says:

The decision signals the two studios' belief that the property, which has been translated into 70 languages, shows stronger potential overseas than domestically. Not surprisingly, the film's cast skews international with Brit Jamie Bell starring as the intrepid young reporter. Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Gad Elmaleh, Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook round out the cast.

"Tintin" will be released in 3-D, and is the first of the planned film franchise. Director Peter Jackson is set to helm the second movie.

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Watch My Review of "Up" -- An Uplifting Film, and Definitely One of the Year's Best! 

From the sea (“Finding Nemo”) to the race tracks (“Cars”) to faraway galaxies (“Wall-E”), Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have been consistent in delighting us with great storytelling and filmmaking.

Now, the studios are taking us up, up, and away on one of their funniest adventures of all time. “Up” is the 10th Disney/Pixar movie and is definitely one of their best.

(For my full written movie review of "Up," click here. For my fun interviews with the cast, producer Jonas Rivera, and director Peter Docter, click here)

And here's my floating movie review of "Up", have fun!

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Remember the Captain Rescued from Somali Pirates? Well, Get Ready for His Big Screen Adventure! 

I can see the trailer now:

One man against all odds...
One man with only one hope...to come home to his waiting family...
Columbia Pictures presents, "Saving Captain Richard Phillips" coming this summer...

HA! Just kidding :happy

But just merely weeks after escaping from armed Somali Pirates, Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to the life and times of Captain Richard Phillips.

The studio has also optioned the film rights to the captain's upcoming memoir.

Actor Kevin Spacey is one of the producers of the upcoming film based on the Maersk Alabama captain's capture and rescue. So is Spacey also on board to star? Yeah, and who should really play Captain Richard Phillips?

No word yet on who's attached to write the script or direct but this smells like a Tony Scott (the thrilling action director of films such as the upcoming "The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3") production to me :happy

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It's Official! Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Will Reunite for New Movie! 

As we told you in March, the "Vanilla Sky" couple, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, will reunite for a film director James Mangold is attached to direct.

(Read the article here)

Now, it's official, Cruise and Diaz will reignite the screen in a project that's now being called an action comedy.

Variety is reporting:

Tom Cruise is zeroing in on the 20th Century Fox action comedy, formerly titled "Wichita," as his next star vehicle.

He'll pair with Cameron Diaz in the James Mangold-directed film. That ends a serious courtship that the star had since January with some of the highest-profile projects in Hollywood.

According to sources, Cruise and Diaz have approved the script, and their deals are in advanced negotiations. While Fox has not officially dated the picture, sources said the studio is eyeing a summer 2010 release.

The script has been through many machinations, but the most recent drafts were done by Scott Frank, with Mangold currently fine-tuning the script with Laeta Kalogridis ("Shutter Island"). Two-hander has several action scenes.

Cruise will play a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman.

Todd Garner, Kathy Conrad, Steve Pink and Joe Roth are producing the pic.

Since the opening of "Valkyrie," Cruise has been courted for and has shown serious interest in the Len Wiseman-directed DreamWorks thriller "Motorcade"; the Bharat Nalluri-directed Spyglass remake "The Tourist"; the David Cronenberg-directed MGM drama "The Matarese Circle"; the Universal/Working Title romantic comedy "Lost for Words"; and "The 28th Amendment," the Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck-directed Warner Bros. thriller.

The competition for the slot came down to "Wichita" and "Motorcade." It is possible that Cruise might do one of the other projects down the line.

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My Fun One-on-One Interviews for Disney/Pixar "UP!" Have I Told You How Much I Love This Movie? 

So Disney/Pixar did it again! Their 10th film "UP" is perhaps, one of their best and funniest yet.

(Read my "UP" movie review, right here)

I was invited for the press junket for the film, and I was happy as a clam! (Take a look at me flying with balloons right here)

So here are my fun one-on-one interviews:

First stop, the legendary Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen). We talked about:

*** Why he joined the cast of "Up"
*** The beautiful film called "Up"
*** The sad moments of the film
*** The funny parts of "Up"
*** The moral of the story

Next, we have Jordan Nagai (Russell) and producer Jonas Rivera. We talked about:

*** How they become interested in working on "Up"
*** Jordan's favorite scene
*** How Jordan was motivated by director Pete Docter

And we have the great director, Pete Docter. We talked about:

*** His inspiration for the film
*** Why he chose to do "Up"
*** Why they made "Up" a 3-D flick

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