Is Christopher Nolan the Next Bond Director? 

He made us love Batman even more with "The Dark Knight" series, and he's about to do the same thing with Superman as executive producer of "Man of Steel," and now, Christopher Nolan may put his magic touch to James Bond.

According to The Daily Mail, the director has been approached to helm the next 007 movie and he's been in talks with the powers-that-be, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

It's fine and dandy but Nolan is getting ready to start his next big film, "Interstellar," starring Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, so Bond may have to wait.

Sure, Nolan is a Bond fan, but if talks moved forward and he became the director, will his 007 movie be better than the last Sam Mendes-directed flick? The fantastic "Skyfall?"

Having Nolan as director of anything is wonderufl! I worship his filmmaking abilities. But let's wait and see if Bond 24 will fall under his guidance.

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"Star Trek Into Darkness" Movie Review 

I loved the first “Star Trek” from director J.J. Abrams. And now, the director and his cast are back for “Star Trek Into Darkness.” Like its title, the sequel is darker and yes, bigger. But is it better?

Chris Pine (Captain James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Karl Urban (Bones McCoy), and Anton Yelchin (Checkov) return for the sequel. Joining them are Alice Eve as the mysterious Dr. Carol Marcus and Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain Commander John Harrison.

Is “Star Trek Into Darkness” worth the wait? Watch my review:

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Pulled Down! Sexified Merida Vanishes From Disney Site! 

Last Monday, we told you about the brouhaha going on about Disney's sexy makeover of Merida, our heroine in "Brave." The studio has announced that Merida would be Disney's 11th princess. That was nice and all, but they had to give her more vivacious curves as well. The film's director (who was replaced in the middle of the making of "Brave" but was awarded an Oscar anyway), Brenda Chapman, wrote a passionate letter to her newspaper denouncing Disney's makeover decision.

Many folks are indeed passionate about this sexified Merida look that A Mighty Girl, a blog dedicated to empowering girls, created a petition and posted, yup, another impassioned letter to Bob Iger, Disney CEO. Right now, the petition has garnered more than 200,000 votes! Wow! You can sign if you want by clicking here.

So Disney's response to the controversy? Merida's sexified self disappeared from Disney's princess website! Vanished! Gone! Poof! Just like the will-o'-the-wisps in "Brave."

I went and checked the Disney Princess site and now, it's the old Merida with the words "strong, fearless, adventurous" accompanying the picture. Yeah!

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Look Who's Going "Into the Woods" with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp! 

No other than Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal! The actors are in early talks to join Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp in Rob Marshall's adaptation of the musical "Into the Woods" according to HuffPost. The two will be playing a pair of self-involved princes in the film. I'm guessing one will be playing Rapunzel's prince and the other, Cinderella's prince. There will be singing involved! Not quite sure about Gyllenhaal but we've seen Pine belt it out in the 2010 drama "Small Town Saturday Night" where the actor played a country singer. He even sang in the film's theme song "Someday Came Today."

But before "Into the Woods," Pine will be seen as Captain Kirk in the new flick "Star Trek Into Darkness."

For a little history of "Into the Woods" and what it's about, here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Into the Woods is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. It debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre in 1986, and premiered on Broadway in 1987. Bernadette Peters' performance as the Witch and Joanna Gleason's portrayal of the Baker's Wife brought acclaim to the production during its original Broadway run. Into the Woods won several Tony Awards, including Best Score, Best Book, and Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason), in a year dominated by The Phantom of the Opera.

The musical has been produced many times, with a 1988 US national tour, a 1990 West End production, a 1991 television production, a 1997 tenth anniversary concert, a 2002 Broadway revival, a 2010 London revival[1] and in 2012 as part of New York City's outdoor Shakespeare in the Park series. The musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales and follows them to explore the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. The main characters are taken from "Little Red Riding Hood", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Rapunzel", and "Cinderella", as well as several others. The musical is tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family, and their interaction with a Witch and her curse on them.

And here's what we wrote last month about Johnny Depp joining "Into the Woods"

Say what you will about Johnny Depp's singing prowess in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," but the actor may be back on the big screen with another musical role! This time it's the sexy and very hungry Wolf in the movie version of "Into the Woods."

THR is reporting that the actor is in talks to star in Disney's film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical for his "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" director, Rob Marshall, who also helmed the Oscar-winning "Chicago" and "Nine" and the 1999 TV movie, "Annie."

Depp will be joining the fantastic Meryl Streep who is set to play the vain but very charismatic Witch. "Into the Woods" is a dark "Shrek" if you may, a hodge podge of classic fairy tales that feature a childless couple, Baker and his wife, who must go into the woods to lift a family curse. Along the way, they encounter Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood.

The screenplay is written by James Lapine based on his book for the 1986 musical. Stephen Sondheim composed the Tony-winning original score with David Krane working on the music arrangement for the movie.

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Behold, the New "Riddick" Trailer! 

There's a new Riddick movie simply titled, what else, "Riddick!" Unviersal has shared the new trailer for the third film in the "Pitch Black" franchise starring Vin Diesel. This is the first film in the series since "Chronicles of Riddick" opened and sorta flopped in 2004 (the film only made $115 worldwide!). "Pitch Black" debuted in 2000. Wow, it's been that long?

Of course, Diesel, the current Universal baby, is starring in the mega-hit franchise, "Fast and Furious," and the sixth film is opening next weekend just in time for your Memorial Day celebration.

"Riddick" opens nationwide on Sept. 6 and has Diesel back in the titular role as an outlaw who must help his bounty hunters captors fight a really mean alien species. Take a look at the trailer for "Riddick" below:

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