Chris Pine Talks About “Wonder Woman”  
I love Chris Pine! And I love him even more as Steve Trevor. His chemistry with Gal Gadot is palpable and it’s a relationship built on love and respect. In this interview, we talked about his interest in joining the cast, and his “above-average human” scene in the movie where he was, gasp, almost naked!

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Director Patty Jenkins Talks About “Wonder Woman” 
It was an honor to meet Patty Jenkins, the first female director to helm a superhero movie! And she did a great job! But how did she go from the smaller film “Monster” to the big blockbuster “Wonder Woman?” Check out my fun interview with the director.

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Danny Huston Talks About “Wonder Woman” and His Villainous General Ludendorff 
It was an honor to meet Danny Huston, son of the iconic filmmaker, John Huston. In “Wonder Woman,” the actor stars as the frightening General Ludendorff who will do anything to win the “war to end all wars” with a little help from his equally crazy doctor sidekick Doctor Maru aka Doctor Poison. In this interview, Danny and I sang the “Wonder Woman” TV theme song, and he explained his character and his relationship to Doctor Maru in great detail. Check it out!

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Connie Nielsen Talks About “Wonder Woman” and Her Queen Hippolyta 
Connie Nielsen rocks as Queen Hipplyta in the new “Wonder Woman!” She’s fierce and loving, strong yet gentle, very much like her daughter Diana aka Wonder Woman. I sat down with the actress to talk about her interest in making the movie, her character, and working with Gal Gadot as our new Wonder Woman.

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“Baywatch” (2017) and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” Movie Reviews 

It’s lifeguards versus pirates at your Memorial Day weekend box-office. Will you find treasure in either “Baywatch” or “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales?”

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