Can you see the similarities between Audrey Hepburn and Keira Knightley?

I can, and we'll be able to see if Knightley can step into the iconic shoes of Hepburn in the planned remake of "My Fair Lady."

This is interesting. The musical remake about Eliza Doolittle, a simple Cockney flower girl who is transformed into a lady, is being produced by Duncan Kenworthy (("Love Actually," "Notting Hill") and London legit maven Cameron Mackintosh ("Les Miserbales," "Miss Saigon"). Read More...

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Ever wondered who invented Atari? Want to see Leonardo DiCaprio star in the movie about one of the founding fathers of the videogame industry?

Well, your wait is almost over! Paramount Pictures is preparing a film called "Atari" with Leonardo DiCaprio set to star! Read More...

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The iconic Marvin Gaye is set to have a biopic with director F. Gary Gray ("Set it Off," "The Italian Job") on the helm. The working title is "Marvin: The Life Story of Marvin Gaye" targeted for a 2009 release.

"Blood Diamond's" C. Gaby Mitchell is aboard to write the script.

But like most high-profile Hollywood projects, "Marvin" has a rival film. "Sexual Healing" produced by James Gandolfini.

Gray said his movie will cover Gaye's entire life, from his emergence at Motown through his defiance of Berry Gordy to record "What's Goin' On" and on up to his death.

Gray told Daily Variety, "This is my passion project, the one that I wake up every day thinking about. I'm going to tell a truthful story, and there is no shortage of drama and extreme conflict in a relationship with his father that at its core is Shakespearean and tragic.

"This isn't the average biopic of a rock star wrestling with drugs and women, but a man whose musical awakening became a call to action that questioned critical issues like a costly foreign war, recession, environment, inequality -- issues that are relevant now."

Amen to that!

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But you have to wait for my full review next week. For now, let me touch on few things:

1) The plot is simple but engaging
2) The villain is actually creepy
3) The Hulk's design is more believable -- muscle definition on his body, and more emotive facial expressions
4) Special effects are way better than the 2003 Ang Lee version, although, I'm not one of those bandwagon jumping folks who are saying "I hate the Ang Lee version" because I don't! It was an essential origin story.
5) The fanboys and fangirls in the crowd clapped and cheered! If you can have them do that, then the movie will be successful.
6) "Iron Man" finds a brother-in-arms. "The Incredible Hulk" is not quite as good as "Iron Man" but it does give justice to the comic book!
7) So go watch "The Incredible Hulk" when it comes out next week!

*** My written review of the film will come out very soon, I promise!

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Special thanks to my friends at Moore's Karate and Health Club in Indio, Ca for letting me do my review there, complete with kung fu get-up, and karate chopping kids in the background!

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