"Fathom" Movie Moving One With or Without Megan Fox 

Megan Fox, star of the upcoming comic book adaptation, "Jonah Hex" (opens June 18th), has been heard talking about another comic book property, "Fathom."

It's based on the Aspen Comics series created by the late Michael Turner and is being developed by Fox Atomic. Megan Fox is still signed up to star as Aspen Matthews and she will also produce the film. English actor Matthew Tate will play Chance Calloway and Jordan Mechner is finalizing the script.

Fox confirmed to MTV News that "Fathom" is still in the works and will get made come hell or high water.

"That's going to happen even if I have to step away from it and give it to someone else," she told MTV. "That movie will happen, just because I love it and it needs to happen."

What exactly does this statement mean? Is Fox leaving the "Fathom" production? Not really, on the contrary, the actress is actively participating in "Fathom's" development.

"They're still working on the script and getting that together," she told MTV. "That's in the early fetal pre-production stages."

Oh, and by the way, for those folks wondering if Fox would suck in "Jonah Hex," have no fear, she was actually good in the film.

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Robert Rodriguez to Direct "Deadpool?" 

The internet is abuzz with the rumor that Robert Rodriguez has been offered to direct the Marvel property, "Deadpool." Ryan Reynolds first played the part in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and is set to reprise the role.

Why all the internet rumoring? Well, Twentieth Century Fox is behind "Deadpool," and the studio and Rodriguez have a loving relationship right now. Fox is distributing the upcoming Rodriguez film "Machete," as well as "Preators," which was produced by the director.

But so far, it's all been rumors, although The Los Angeles Times mentioned that "the director has indeed been sent the script (penned by the writers of "Zombieland") but has not been extended an offer."

Rodriguez would be a good choice to helm this film (he did a remarkable job adapting "Sin City" for the big screen), but until there's a major announcement from Fox, this is all just a rumor.

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Forget About Jaden Smith, What About Ralph Macchio? Take A Look At This Hilarious Funny Or Die Clip -- "Wax On, F&%k Off" 

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"The Karate Kid" Kicks Its Way to Box-Office Victory with $56 Million 

"The Karate Kid" proved to be tubular at the box-office, winning ahead of another '80s relic, "The A-Team." The remake of the 1984 film starring Jaden Smith in the Ralph Macchio role, and Jackie Chan as the Master previously played by the Oscar-nominated Pat Morita, debuted at No. 1 for the weekend with $56 million!

Right now, Smith is probably telling his proud papa Will, "who's the bigger star now dad?"

Meanwhile, "The A-Team" came in at No. 2 with $26 million. Moviegoers loved karate more than explosive male-bonding. (Check out my reviews of "The Karate Kid" and "The A-Team" right here)

After spending three weekends at No. 1, "Shrek Forever After" fell to No. 3 with $15.8 million. So far, the DreamWorks animated flick took in $210.1 million and it's now the fourth movie of the year to top $200 million. (Check out my interview with Walt Dohrn aka Rumpelstiltskin right here)

Here's the estimated Top 10 Box Office films for weekend of June 11:

1. "The Karate Kid," $56 million.

2. "The A-Team," $26 million.

3. "Shrek Forever After," $15.8 million.

4. "Get Him to the Greek," $10.1 million.

5. "Killers," $8.2 million.

6. "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," $6.6 million.

7. "Marmaduke," $6 million.

8. "Sex and the City 2," $5.5 million.

9. "Iron Man 2," $4.6 million.

10. "Splice," $2.9 million.

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It's Official -- "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" Will Be Released in Two Parts AND All the Actors Will Return 

It has been an ongoing speculation -- will Summit take the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" route and split the last "Twilight" film into two parts?

The studio has now officially announced that yes, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" will be released in two parts, the first one will arrive in theaters Nov. 18, 2011.

And for those fearing that some actors will not return due to salary negotiations, you can set your fears aside. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and supporting cast are all set to return.

Director Bill Condon will direct both movies and Melissa Rosenberg will write the scripts based on the fourth novel of Stephanie Meyer's mega-popular "Twilight" series.

The third installment, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" opens June 30, and I'm watching it this weekend :happy

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