Huh? Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand to Star in Movie? 

That Seth Rogen is one busy dude! Now, our friends at are saying there's a road comedy being planned to star Rogen and Barbra Streisand!

Now for those folks doubting Streisand's talent for comedy, look no further than "Meet the Fockers" or any of her old Peter Bogdanovich flicks. Streisand has great timing!

So the film that the two are supposed to be in talks for is called "Mother's Curse" and it has a strong possibility of getting made.

Hitflix is saying:

I know that they're still working on the script to this one, and there may be more rewrites ahead in the near future. When I asked Seth about the film, he referred to it as "one of the many projects I may or may not do in the next fifteen years," which is a fair description. So keep in mind... I'm not saying this will or won't happen... just that it could. This is one of the pet projects of Adam Goodman, the Dreamworks executive who just made the jump to Paramount as the new head of production, so I would expect that if this gets made, it'll get made as a Dreamworks/Paramount co-production at this point.

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Lights On for "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!" Katie Holmes Set to Star in Supernatural Remake! 

Guy Pearce is in final talks to join Bailee Madison and Katie Holmes in the remake, "Don't Be Afriad of the Dark."

Miramax is producing the supernatural flick based on the 1973 ABC tele-movie.

Guillermo del Toro protege Troy Nixey is set to direct the creepy tale of a young girl who moves in with her father and his girlfriend, only to discover demonic creatures in the house! Tan dan dan...

Pearce will play the father and Madison will star as his daughter. Holmes? She'll be the girlfriend who supports Madison's demonic beliefs.

You know why I'm excited about this film? Because Del Toro co-wrote the script! And I adore his cinematic sense especially, his supernatural take (witness "Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrinth" or "The Devil's Backbone!").

Plus, it's fun to see this tele-film get an update!

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is set to begin production next month in Melbourne, Australia. Only IF Tom Cruise does not pull Holmes away from the production at the last minute :happy

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Winners of the 2009 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films! 

I heart Palm Springs! Why not? It's my hometown :happy

And I equally heart the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films! Honestly, I like this better than the bloated International Film Fest in January. Why? Because this is more about the craft of filmmaking than the celebrities.

Also, the Short Fest is a good predictor of the Oscars for Best Short Film. So pay attention to the winners, and then next year, take a look at the nominees. Chances are, you'll hear about them again at the Oscars!

The 2009 Palm Springs International ShortFest award winners are:

Jury Awards

Best of Festival, "The Dinner" (Vacsora), Karchi Perlmann
Future Filmmaker Award, Katie Wolfe, "This is Her"
Panavision Grand Jury Award, "Jonathan's Home," Nathanael Carton

Audience Awards

Live Action Short, "Dandelion Dharma," Veronica DiPippo
Documentary Short, "Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics On Trial," Jonathan Joiner, Robert H. Martin
Animation Short, "Lost and Found," Philip Hunt

Jury Category Awards
Best Live Action Short under 15 minutes:
First place: "The Stars Don't Twinkle in Outer Space," Peter Thwaites;
Second place: "The Man Inside," Rory Bresnihan.
Best Live Action Short over 15 minutes:
First place: "The Taxidermist," Bert & Bertie;
Second place: "Love Hate," Dylan Ritson, Blake Ritson
Best Animated Short:
First place: "Cages," Juan Jose Medina;
Second place: "Juiced and Jazzed," Justin Webber.
Best Documentary Short:
First place: "Irene," Lindsay Goodall;
Second place: "Naming Pluto," Ginita Jimenez.

Student Categories

Best Student Live Action Short under 15 minutes:
First place: "Cigarette Candy," Lauren Wolkstein;
Second place: "My Four Inch Precious," Sou Yun Sim.
Best Student Live Action Short over 15 minutes:
First place: "The Lunch Box," Lubomir Mihailo Kocka;
Second place: "Gloria & Eric," Nicolas Calzada.
Best Student Animated Short:
First place: "The Incident at Tower 37," Chris Perry;
Second place: "The Incredible Story of My Great Grandmother Olive," Alberto Rodriguez.
Best Student Documentary Short:
First place: "Waiting for Women" (Esperando Mujeres), Estephan Wagnere;
Second place: "Nutkin's Last Stand," Nicholas Berger.
Kodak Award for Best Student Cinematography:
First place: cinematographer Alexa Caravia, "Rare Fish";
Second place: cinematographer Nathan Levine-Heaney, "My Four Inch Precious."

Special Awards
The Alexis Award for Most Promising Student Filmmaker, Steven Edell, "A Son's War."
Special mentions went to Brooke Sebold for "Brotherhood" and Lauren Wolkstein for "Cigarette Candy."
The Hard C High Five to Lo Fi Award for Most Entertaining Low Budget Short, "Marry, F***, Kill ," Douglas Lamore.
The Cinema Without Borders Best International Film Award, "Kingsland #1 The Dreamer," Tony Grisoni.

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Amy Adams to Join Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg for "Fighter" 

The fantastic Amy Adams (she's the sole bright spot of "Night at the Museum 2") is in final talks to co-star alongside Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in "The Fighter."

David O. Russell, who hasn't directed a full-feature film since 2004's "I Heart Huckabees," is set to helm.

(For the full behind-the-scenes drama surrounding "The Fighter," click here)

The movie tells the tale of boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward (Wahlberg) and his trainer-brother Dick Eklund (Bale). Adams will star as Charlene, a tough-talking bartender from Massachusetts who ends up being Mickey's love.

The Academy-award nominated Melissa Leo (if you haven't seen "Frozen River" please watch it now!) will play Wahlberg and Bale's mother.

Now that the cast is shaping up, I'm looking forward to seeing this film!

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"An American Werewolf in London" the Remake! 

The 1981 John Landis horror classic "An American Werewolf in London" is being remade by Dimension Films.

Dimension has been in the horror-remake mood lately. The company is releasing "Halloween II" at the end of August, and is developing the reboot of "Hellraiser."

No writer or director has been set for "Werewolf" yet. The original, written and directed by Landis, was a creepily-funny flick that starred David Naughton and Griffin Dunne as two American tourists hiking in the Yorkshire moors attacked by a werewolf.

Take a look at the original trailer, and let's hope that the Dimension remake at least match the creativity of the cult classic:

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