Who's Directing "Smurfs" the Movie? Hint: It's Going to the Dogs! 

First things first: "Smurfs" will be a live-action/animated film to be released in 3-D and 2-D formats on Dec. 17, 2010.

Are you excited? If you're not a "Smurfs" fan, I don't think you'll care...but...apparently, Sony believes there are many fans of the little blue folks out there. Yeah, I'm one of them!

"Charlotte Web's" Jordan Kerner is producing from the script by "George of the Jungle's" Audrey Wells.

So who's going to direct?

It's Raja Gosnell, the guy who gave us "Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

I met Mister Raja when I did the press junket for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and he's a nice, smart man who may be able to handle the dwarf-like "Smurfs."

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"Seabiscuit" Director Reteams with Tobey Maguire for "Spider-Man 4" 

Gary Ross joins the creative team of "Spider-Man" for the fourth film in the franchise. The "Seabiscuit" director will work with his star, Tobey Maguire, again.

This time though, Ross will be taking charge of the script. "Spider-Man" franchise director Sam Raimi will return to helm.

Scriptwriter James Vanderbilt originally wrote "Spider-Man 4" and then David Lindsay-Abaire came in for rewrites. Now, Ross is handling all the writing work. But that's not a good sign, when a film has been rewritten so many times.

Still, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios will move forward with the production early next year.

Ross is also rewriting and possibly directing Columbia's film about cyclist Lance Armstrong. The movie will focus on the cycling star's recovery from cancer to his triumphant victory of winning 7 Tour de France titles.

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Check Out My Brand New Open Animation! It's Precious! 

Thanks to the wonderful talent of my friend Bryan from MixEffect.com, I have a brand new open animation!

Bryan created my very first animation for Manny the Movie Guy, and now, he gives me a whole new makeover!

It's fun, sharp, and colorful, and definitely captures my spirit :happy

Bryan is a creative genius, so check his website by clicking here!

And now, take a look at my brand new animation!

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What? "View-Master" the Movie Coming Soon! See the "Star Trek" and "Transformers" Connection! 

"Star Trek" and "Transformers" franchise writers Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci are set to produce a film about...the View-Master! Yeah, you heard me right. A film about the click, click View-Master!

"Fringe" writer Brad Caleb Kane has been set to work on the script based on the funky toy that I used to own back in the day. I loved my View-Master but I'm still scratching my head on how they're going to incorporate this into a big movie adaptation.

DreamWorks had no comment about the project right now, but the studio is in talks to acquire the feature rights from Mattel, which owned the View-Master brand since 1997.

Will the movie be in 3-D? Stay tuned...but this is what we know. Kane posted in Twitter that "View-Master" will be very similar to the mood and feel of 1980s flicks such as "The Goonies" and "Young Sherlock."

Hhhhhmmmmm, a little treasure hunting in the plot maybe?

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"Baywatch the Movie" Back on Track! It's Going to be Broad Comedy! 

Jeremy Garelick, the uncredited writer of "The Hangover" (he helped with the rewrite), is going to rewrite and direct "Baywatch," based on the TV show about lifeguards glistening under the hot California sun :happy

Get this, DreamWorks paid seven figures (!!!) for the remake rights in 2005. The studio believes this has a potential to be a huge franchise! And now, they hired Garelick to put a funny spin to the proposed film.

Garelick tells Variety that "It felt like the template to do a movie that was similar to 'Stripes' and 'Police Academy,' the comedies I loved growing up."

He further revealed, "Rather than trying to pitch the tone, I figured it would be easier to write the first act to convey who these characters were."

Well great! At least Garelick is focusing on character development, instead of just jiggling bods! Apparently, the script will now focus on two unlikely lifeguard candidates.

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