"Taken" Director's Next Movie Will Be... 

Pierre Morel, the guy who gave us the hit "Taken" has been pursued by Universal Pictures for the action-thriller "Pursuit."

This is based on real-life events revolving around the early career of conflict photographer Jason Howe.

(Click here to see Howe's conflict pictures)

"Pursuit" will focus on Howe's involvement with a woman in Colombia who turned out to be an assassin.

Wow, intriguing! And this happened in real life!

Morel tells Variety, "Aside from the d.p. and camerawork, I have been shooting still photography since I was a kid and have been fascinated by the reportage in war zones."

"If I'd been courageous enough, I might have done that myself. There is the sentimental side of a man in love, and a journalist trying not to become involved in the story he is covering."

As far as the inevitable "Taken" sequel is concerned? Morel and producer Luc Besson are taking their sweet time to come up with a plot worthy of a follow-up. The big question -- who will be "taken" this time, and how can lead actor Liam Neeson get involved?

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Immoral! "Bruno" Banned in Ukraine, Chopped in UK 

Ukraine banned "Bruno" because it is "immoral!"

No, really?

The hit mockumentary starring Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned because of "shots of sexual organs, homosexual intercourse, and bad language." The country deemed all of the above and more obscene and improper.

"Bruno" is supposed to be released in Ukraine next week, but the gay fashionista character won't be saying "Vassup?" for fear of offending deeply religious members of the population.

Meanwhile, back in the U.K., Universal will be releasing a tamer version of "Bruno." The studio is cutting a minute and a half of footage with strong sexual scenes in order to open up the film to a younger audience.

This one's all about money.

Oh, and by the way, Cohen's masterpiece, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," was banned in, where else, Kazakhstan and Russia!

Oh dear...

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New Details on the Jennifer Aniston, Gerald Butler Comedy "Bounty Hunter" 

Sony's comedy, "Bounty Hunter" has added a new member of the cast. Christine Baranski is joining Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler. She will be playing Aniston's mother.

The film, which is currently shooting, is being directed by Andy Tennant ("Hitch," "Sweet Home Alabama"). Script by Sarah Thorp revolves around a bounty hunter (Gerald Butler) who is hired to find his bail-skipping ex-wife (Aniston).

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Miley Cyrus to Get "Wings" for Fairy Tale 

No, we're not talking about a remake of "Touched by An Angel," but close. Miley Cyrus is set to star in the film version of the young adult novel "Wings," the bestseller from author Aprilynne Pike.

Disney is developing the project for their "Hannah Montana" star.

Cyrus will play Laurel, a 15-year-old who can't quite fit in. Growing up home-schooled, she is having a hard time adjusting to high school life. She feels different, unique. Then she finds out the truth about herself when she starts sprouting a pair of wings. She's a fairy.

This project's got wings (pardon the pun!) because it's part of a planned four-book series. Oh, four fairy films!

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Stephen Chow is Kato No More, Waves Goodbye to "Green Hornet" 


Why? Because Stephen Chow has left the building!

The film, co-written by star Seth Rogen (he'll also star as the hero Britt Reid), is scheduled to begin filming in September. Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind") is set to direct.

"The Green Hornet" is scheduled for release on July 9, 2010.

Chow first signed on as the director of the film, but then chose to play Kato instead. Now, he's completely gone from the project.

The big question -- why?

Was he fired? Did he leave on his own terms?

Sources are saying Chow left on "amicable terms" because he had other projects that conflict with "The Green Hornet's" shooting schedule.

Should be believe this sources? My spidey-sense is saying no!

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