Meryl Streep to Play Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher? 

Meryl Streep may soon add former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in a long line of memorable characters in her illustrious career. The actress is in talks to reteam with her "Mamma Mia!" director, Phyllida Lloyd, for "Thatcher" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No, this one will not be a musical but a biopic of the conservative party leader dubbed the "Iron Lady" and "Attila the Hen."

Jim Broadbent is also in talks to play Thatcher's husband, Denis. THR told us that:

The film is set in 1982 and tracks Thatcher as she tries to save her career in the 17 days preceding the 1982 Falklands War. The 2 1/2-month war was a turning point for the prime minister, who, after the victory, saw her approval ratings double and went on to win a second term.

Damien Jones is producing and Brian Fillis wrote the script. This one's from Pathe and Film4.

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Check Out Trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!" It's Supposed to be "The Movie Event of This Generation!"  

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Check Out the New Teaser Trailer for "Paranormal Activity 2!"  

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"The Last Airbender" Movie Review -- Will This Save M. Night Shyamalan's Career? 

M. Night Shyamalan, the writer-producer-director of “The Last Airbender,” made a huge Hollywood splash in 1999 with the unforgettable “The Sixth Sense.” But since then, I’ve been wondering if the multi-hyphenate peaked too soon.

The quality of his films has been spiraling downwards culminating with his back-to-back head-scratching flicks “Lady in the Water” and “The Happening.” With “The Last Airbender,” I seriously doubt he will regain the auteur status he so deservingly received with the success of “The Sixth Sense.” Read More...

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Self-Congratulatory Break! I Won an Emmy! Yay! 

I'm planning on celebrating the whole week! Why? Because yours truly won an Emmy for Best On-Camera Talent/Moderator given by the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences, Pacific Southwest Chapter.

Who knew? If the voting members only knew :happy

Kidding aside, it's my first Emmy under my Manny the Movie Guy banner so this one is near and dear to me! So thank you all for your support, I truly mean that. Emmy Pacific Southwest today, National Daytime Emmy tomorrow, we all can dream, you know!

Below is my mini-acceptance speech, yes, I've always wanted to give one of those!

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