Interested to See "Ice Age: Continental Drift?" Watch My Review First! 

For my written review of "Ice Age: Continental Drift," click here.

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No More Gold Codpiece! Hurray! Fans Cheer "Judge Dredd" Reboot! 

So, the new "Dredd" reboot from Lionsgate is not opening until September 21st, BUT many Comic-Con fans were treated to a special screening Wednesday night, and they're unanimous -- this "Dredd" rocks!

Stars Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby introduced the film to the fans and said, “I hope you like your films dark and gritty...I want to apologize to anyone who’s a fan of lycra and gold codpieces -- you’re just going to have to wait for two hours.”

Aw, gosh darn it, that was the best part of "Judge Dredd." :happy

Click here to see what happened during the "Dredd" screening at Comic-Con.

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Want to See New Superman Actor Live and In-Person? Head On Out to Comic-Con!  

So, "The Dark Knight Rises" will own 2012, now, Warner Bros. is looking forward to 2013 for our favorite superhero, Superman aka the "Man of Steel." The new Zack Snyder-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced flick will fly into theaters on June 14th of next year, but this weekend, you can catch a glimpse of actor Henry Cavill aka Superman/Clark Kent at WB's Saturday Hall H Panel at Comic-Con!

It was a rumor before that Cavill would show up but now, thanks to THR, it's official! You'll get to see the actor live and in-person!

And if you're a "Hobbit" fan, WB also revealed that Ian McKellan will show up for the film's panel, and you will also be teased with Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi monster flick, "Pacific Rim."

Back to "Man of Steel," director Snyder would be there as well, but don't be looking for stars Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner. They would not be there! (Check out my "Sucker Punch" interview with Snyder where he teased us, briefly, about "Man of Steel")

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Channing Tatum Reveals "Magic Mike" Sequel, "Evel Knievel" Movie! 

"Magic Mike" surprised everyone and is almost reaching the $100 million box-office mark, so it's not equally surprising that a sequel is being planned. So ladies, more male strippers for you in their almost naked splendor!

So Glamour magazine had a Twitter question-and-answer session with the star (via THR), and he said, "Yes, yes and yes! We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger."

Yup, more back flips in their thongs to make you flip!

This is still in the planning stages so no word yet on whether Steven Soderbergh would return to direct or if Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, and Cody Horn would step back into their roles.

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But wait there's more! Tatum is red hot right now, and he is in negotiations to star in and produce a biopic about '70s daredevil Evel Knievel for Sony. "Magic Mike" scribe, Reid Carolin, will write the script. This one will be based on Stuart Barker's book, Life of Evel.

But before the "Magic Mike" sequel, or the "Evel Knievel" flick, Tatum will return in front of the cameras for Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" about the life and times of Olympic wrestler, Mark Schultz. Yes, he will be semi-naked again, HA! :wink

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"Ice Age: Continental Drift" Movie Review -- How Many Kisses Do Manny the Mammoth Guy and Friends Get? 

Our favorite sub-zero heroes return for “Ice Age: Continental Drift,’ the fourth installment of the popular franchise. This time, the gang is faced with global disaster involving random unfunny lines and half-baked storytelling.

Directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier, this new “Ice Age” cements the fact that the series is not aging gracefully. Many of the actors are just going through the motion, reading lines as if they’re by-the-numbers. But thank heaven for Scrat! The sabre-tooth squirrel who’s nuts for nuts saves the day.

Manny the Mammoth Guy (Ray Romano) and his wife Ellie (Queen Latifah) now have a teenage daughter named Peaches (Keke Palmer) who is experiencing the growing pains of falling in love. Meanwhile, Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) reunites with his cantankerous grandmother voiced by Wanda Sykes.

The key ingredient of the popularity of the “Ice Age” franchise is its focus on family. Diego, the sabre-toothed tiger voiced by Dennis Leary, says it best. When asked the difference between a pack and family, Diego sums it up by saying “We have each other’s backs.”

Having each other’s backs is what our heroes are good at even if faced with continental cataclysm that threatens to break their family apart. Scrat’s nearly deranged pursuit of the cursed acorn is to be blamed. His quest triggers world-changing consequences that catapult Manny and his crew into a whole new adventure.

One of the problems of the film is its overcrowded cast. Martino and company decide to add new characters that really did not contribute to the film’s narrative. Some of the new cast members work like Jennifer Lopez’s Shira, the sabre-toothed cat who falls in love with Diego. But some fail miserably like Sykes’ uninspired Granny.

The script by Michael Berg and Jason Fuchs offers few expositions and fewer laughs. This fourth film is unsuccessful in meeting the expectations set by the first “Ice Age” movie which is still the best of the bunch.

Borrowing a page from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, the main villain of the film is a pirate named Captain Gutt (Peter Dinklage). He’s a prehistoric ape out to get Manny and friends. And just like the recent “Pirates” movie, mermaids make an appearance.

While “Ice Age: Continental Drift” is lacking in the storytelling department, the film provides ample visual splendor to almost forget its shortcoming. The movie uses a beautiful palette to tell the story.

If this is the last film of the franchise, then it is a good ending to a successful run. But the fourth movie offers a twist at the end that may signal a new beginning. Don’t worry, it still features our favorite Scrat.


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