Lewd! Actor Fred Willard Arrested On Charge of "Suspicion of Committing a Lewd Act" 

Fred Willard may have pulled a Pee Wee Herman aka Paul Reubens who was arrested in 1991 for pretty much doing the same "lewdy" thing! The actor was arrested for lewd conduct Wednesday night in Hollywood by the L.A. cops who were doing a routine cleanup of an adult movie theater in Hollywood. Apparently, they found Willard alone and engaging in an unspecified lewd act. Salacious! And TMZ offers a more salacious account and says it happened inside the Tiki theater.

The 72-year-old actor, perhaps best known in his role in "Best in Show" as a dog-show announcer was released after midnight without posting bail.

So in the words of Mister Willard, let's ask:

Maybe the actor was doing research for his new role in the movie "The Yank!" HA! :wink

UPDATE: PBS has reportedly fired Willard from his role as host of their "Antiques Roadshow" spin-off called "Market Warriors." All unaired episodes of the show will be shelved and re-tracked by "Roadshow" host Mark Walberg NOT Wahlberg mind you!

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"Finding Nemo" to Swim Again for Sequel? 

So, Andrew Stanton's world crashed with the release of "John Carter." And really, the movie is not that bad, it just did not find its audience. And now, Stanton is going back to the world he loves -- animation, and more specifically, the world of "Finding Nemo."

Deadline is saying that Stanton has been asked by Disney/Pixar to direct a sequel to, in my humble opinion, the best Pixar movie ever. Sure, Disney/Pixar has not released any confirmation yet, but this we know -- TV scribe, Victoria Strouse, will write the script, and the sequel may be released in 2016.

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Johnny Depp to Star in Upcoming Wes Anderson Movie! And This One's NOT Family Friendly! 

And I say, it's about darn time! Forget Captain Jack and Barnabas Collins, heck even throw Tonto out the door, this is a Depp casting news I'm welcoming with open arms!

The actor is working with the fantastic storyteller, Wes Anderson, for the director's follow-up to the equally fantastic "Moonrise Kingdom" called "The Grand Budapest Hotel." (Check out my interview with Wes Anderson for "Moonrise Kingdom" right here)

Deadline reports that Anderson will be working with Scott Rudin and Steven Rales for "Budapest." So with Depp's confirmation, will the other big name stars follow? Stars such as Edward Norton, Jude Law, Willem Dafoe, and Angela Lansbury? This one is supposed to be NOT family friendly and will also feature Owen Wilson and Bill Murray.

I can't wait!

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Perfect! Amanda Plummer to Play Wiress aka "Nuts" in "Catching Fire" 

First it was Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, now, "The Hunger Games" sequel, "Catching Fire," is adding a new cast member to play Wiress. Amanda Plummer, perhaps more known as the gun-toting Honey Bunny in "Pulp Fiction," is going to play the former Hunger Games victor Wiress in the sequel. Lionsgate, in their press release, describe Wiress as, “[t]he character’s eccentricity earns her the nickname ‘Nuts’ from fellow tributes, and though she doesn’t communicate traditionally, her observations and contributions prove invaluable in the Quarter Quell.”

Plummer will be perfect! I can imagine her riding a chariot wearing a lightbulb-inspired outfit! This casting is inspired!

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Manny the Mammoth Guy Beats Spider-Man! "Ice Age: Continental Drift" No. 1 with $46M! 

Move over Spidey, you've just been snowed! "Ice Age: Continental Drift," the fourth installment of the popular franchise, claimed the No. 1 spot with $46 million. Featuring the voice work of Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Leary, "Ice Age" unseated previous weekend's box-office champ, "The Amazing Spider-Man."

The reboot of the Marvel property settled to No. 2. Starring Andrew Garfield as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Emma Stone from director Marc Webb, "The Amazing Spider-Man" captured $35 million for the second spot.

Just like "Spider-Man" which made its debut outside the U.S., "Ice Age: Continental Drift" opened outside the U.S. one week prior to its North American debut. So far, its overseas total added to $339 million. And get this, the "Ice Age" franchise has a combined box-office total of $2.2 billion worldwide!

"Spider-Man" might have fallen 40% from its massive opening, but the reboot has earned more than $200 million domestically. Overseas, "The Amazing Spider-Man" has earned $67 million for a worldwide total of $521.4 million.

Meanwhile, Universal's "Ted" continued to shine! Seth MacFarlane's R-rated comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and a dirty teddy bear made $22.1 million for a third-week total of $159 million.

Another R-rated film that's making big business at the box-office is "Magic Mike" starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey. The male stripper saga earned $9 million and is inching towards the $100 million mark.

But the good news of the weekend belonged to indie darling "Moonrise Kingdom." From director Wes Anderson, the fantastic film made an additional $3.7 million at just 900+ theaters.

Here's the estimated Top 10 Box-Office Films for weekend of July 13th:

1. "Ice Age: Continental Drift," $46 million ($95 million internationally)

2. "The Amazing Spider-Man," $35 million ($66.6 million internationally).

3. "Ted," $22.1 million, ($9.7 million internationally).

4. "Brave," $10.7 million, ($6.5 million internationally).

5. "Magic Mike," $9 million, ($3.3 million internationally).

6. "Savages," $8.7 million, ($1 million internationally).

7. "Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection," $5.6 million.

8. "Katy Perry: Part of Me," $3.7 million, ($1 million internationally).

9. "Moonrise Kingdom," $3.7 million, ($270,000 internationally).

10. "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted," $3.5 million ($4.6 million internationally).

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